Ron Taverner’s Weston connection

As controversy builds around the appointment of local police Superintendent Ron Taverner (and friend of the Premier) as head of the OPP, the Toronto Star (via the paywall free has found that Mr Taverner purchased a home in Weston in July 2017. The deal was private with $550,000 changing hands for the home near Church and George.

The problem? The seller, Simone Daniels  worked for the Ford family business, Deco Labels, and is currently employed as Deputy Chief of Staff for the Premier.

In related news, the Globe and Mail reports that when Doug Ford was a Toronto councillor, he suggested to former Police Services Board Chair, Alok Mukherjee that his longtime friend would make a good Toronto Deputy Police Chief (Taverner did not apply for the job and was not appointed).

Rightly or wrongly, this steady drip of negative stories adds to the perception of strong connections between Doug Ford and Ron Taverner and a possible conflict of interest.

It will take great deal of determination to stare down this kind of pressure. My guess is that Mr Taverner (who has not commented publicly on the current brouhaha) may decide that the job isn’t worth the bother, plus,  he’ll probably not want to begin his new job under a cloud that will likely persist during his term of office.

Update: We’ve removed the picture, because that seems like the right thing to do.

5 thoughts on “Ron Taverner’s Weston connection”

  1. I don’t know if buying property privately is a problem, but sure, it could be.

    In our case, we purchased our Weston home directly from the vendor, a business owner (commercial vehicle sales) who decided he could expedite the sale quicker and in his mind, as good as a registered agent. Naturally, lawyers were and should be involved, which included a one year mortgage to help entice us.

    We’ve been here for 35 years.

    Now, a problem with appointing or recommending someone for an important leadership position (civic or otherwise), as much as we might like or appreciate someone’s skill level, wouldn’t a prerequisite for such a person be something comparable in their daily experience? Like well laid stepping stones to the next position level?

    I can appreciate Mr. Taverner’s frustrations and passion for law enforcement. But, has he the ideal personal foundation for such a large organization like the OPP?

    (Hmm? Then again, there’s Premier Doug and his new responsibilities. Clock’s ticking.)

  2. He’s never managed a police force; the requirements for the job were changed so that that experience was not included; the Ford friends are part of a clique of me-first (and my development buddies) who want to make a profit on everything, now.

    Building on the Green Belt, with permission of the Minister? Fine. Waiving restrictions of noxious waste in new builds near municipal reservoirs? Fine.

    An inexperienced, possibly unqualified head of the provincial police force? Yup.

  3. Oh well…the Liberals mismanaged our money for 15 years, stole hydro from the people, built the UP Express at a huge cost and will never recover the costs….the list goes on…..

  4. Additional thought:
    (and just wondering, trying to set politics aside)

    In a contentious article and discussion like this, is it a good idea to be that specific to provide an address & photo of a person’s property, dwelling or home?

    Doesn’t that just frame the target for those easily & obviously agitated to action?

    1. This may come as a shock but Weston Web didn’t break the story. It first appeared in the Star, Globe and other publications along with photos of the actual house in question (hence the links).

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