Royal bakery

It took me six months too long, but I finally made it to the new Royal Bakery, at Ray and Weston Road.

The owners took over a space that had been empty for a some time. Around five years ago, the rather run-down Coffee Time (where I sat with my agent and bought my house, for what it’s worth) shut down, and the building became rather unattractive.

No more! Now the space is bright, warm, and welcoming.

Royal Bakery and BBQ Chicken serves pastries and deli sandwiches, and sells the largest loaves of bread you’ve ever seen. The donuts are enormous, fresh and cakey, and the coffee and hot chocolate we had were both great.

Despite the name, they don’t yet sell barbecue chicken; that’s coming in the summer. I’m looking forward to it.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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