Safe as houses? 84 King St disappears

84 King St, an old, beautiful red-brick house is gone. Gone. It is no longer there.

A few months ago, a hoarding went up around the house. Between this Sunday and this afternoon, the house was knocked down. All that remains is a hole in the ground.

According to a neighbour, a new, similar home will be built on the site. That is pretty small consolation to your correspondent who quite liked the reserved beauty of the old one.

More to come. Thanks to Chris for the tip.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

12 thoughts on “Safe as houses? 84 King St disappears”

  1. What a shame!!! I grew up on King Street and i used to fantasize about that house being mine one day!!!! Every time i walked by that house i would gaze at so longingly that i wondered if the owners thought i was “staking out the joint”. Well, i know that things change and nothing remains the same, but this, i was not expecting. Thanks for keeping us in the know.

  2. When the boards went up we were worried that this was what was going on but the sign posted about “the past into the present” implied that this would be a gut job, with the outside of the house — and therefore the past — preserved.

    New is not the same, similar is not the past. This is just destruction.

  3. Very sad to see! My husband and I looked at it when it was for sale and considered it. It was a beautiful house and while it needed some renovations/upgrades etc it was not unstable or in need of being torn down. This is so sad.

    I wonder how it managed to slip by the residents of Weston and King St. without them being informed it was coming down.

  4. When the hoardings and that drawing went up about a month or so ago, I just thought they were doing a reno as the drawing looked very close to what the house looked like. A few weeks back I was walking down the lane between King and Joseph and noticed the back extension on that house had been knocked down, so I thought they were fixing up the front and rebuilding the back. There was no demo permit posted anywhere, which I though was supposed to be the case.

    I was in shock when I walked my son to the park last night and saw a giant hole where the house was. Why would you knock it down? Unless there was some serious structural issue that they encountered during a renovation, I can’t fathom why they would demo it and build something that looks exactly the same.

    Where was the heritage society in all of this?

  5. Exactly – where was the heritage society in all of this?…aren’t they working towards preservation….not destruction?

  6. Sadly Weston is becoming the tear down the old, put in the new (wanted/needed or not) community.

    Soon, sadly, I think we will see a lot of Weston becoming a high density housing area.

  7. Well have any of you joined or formed a local group to help bring change in the community? Or perhaps like typical Weston, complaints are heard after the damage is done?

  8. I’ve attended many of the meetings held re:community development, have you? I do know that at least one of the above posters does too.

    “Typical” Weston complaining as you call it often happens because we are blindsided or bullied (by the government).

  9. One thing for sure – change always starts with a complaint. We all saw that
    house boarded up. We all thought to ourselves – why is such a wonderful building being torn down? Did we call the city to complain?

    It’s not just the neighbours on each side that should get involved. Sadly, we don’t all have hours of free time to become involved with community commitments. Most of us have full lives, full time jobs, families and responsibliites, but we can certainly take a few minutes of our valuable time to call or email the city and community organizations to complain about things we don’t like. We can also continue to support community organizations like the heritage society..but let’s face it – they should have been on top of this….as an organized goup – isn’t this exactly what they are supposed to do?

  10. I assumed from the illustration that a new home was going to built to modern (energy efficient) standards….but in a similar ‘traditional’ style.
    I’m just glad that it isn’t going to be ‘infill’ housing or a high rise condo.
    On the other a high rise condo would finally match all of those downtown condos mistakenly located in Weston via! 😉
    I suppose that we should be thrilled that someone is willing to spend a fair bit of money in Weston village. Maybe they own a bunch of Dollar Stores? Doh!

  11. I think perhaps we are jumping to conclusions. From the photos (few that there may be) it appears there was little in the way of a foundation to support any major renovations, or even the home that stood there. We also don’t know what state of repair the house was actually in. I too grieve the passing of such a beautiful home, but all things pass. At least they are planning on putting something up that will, hopefully, closely resemble what used to be there. Like the century old trees in Weston, I don’t doubt that a number of the homes that I love are in poor shape and may, at some point, have to come down, Community Meetings or not.

    I also suspect, despite the passion a few here may have, that most people don’t care if an old home comes down, or diesel trains for that matter. ‘Tis the tyranny of the majority.

  12. GSteel ~ “I think perhaps we are jumping to conclusions. From the photos (few that there may be) it appears there was little in the way of a foundation to support any major renovations, or even the home that stood there.”

    You are correct, there will be a new foundation for the new structure.

    There I ‘jumped’!


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