Saint John the Evangelist opening delayed, again

The St. John the Evangelist school opening will be delayed again. The new school, which was long overdue, was supposed to open in the fall of 2018; it will now open–hopefully–in time for students to return in September, 2019. 

Dave Bennett, who is running for trustee, says the delay is due to a legal dispute between the TCDSB and Metrolinx over the culvert; “Without these finalized agreements, culvert construction to replace the ditch between the school and the Metrolinx tunnel lid is on hold”.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

8 thoughts on “Saint John the Evangelist opening delayed, again”

  1. where is the councillor, mp, mpp on this issue?? how the %^% does it take this long to build a school? in any other part of Toronto this would of been done a long time ago….but not weston…poor, old weston. If nunziata couldn’t handle the tiny ward before imaging when its doubled in size….wonder if we will see her protesting with ACORN….LOL!!!!

    1. Wow. Give it a rest. This is why people hate politics because of partisan rabble. What does the MP or councillor have to do with this? At most maybe the mpp can get involved given metrolinx is under provincial jurisdiction and the trustee from the catholic board. Everyone in this forum is going way overboard for their hate of Frances and trying to attach blame for every single issue for which she has nothing to do with. What’s next? Maybe we can blame her for nuclear proliferation, the trump presidency, and let’s add the failure the maple leafs to win the Stanley cup since 1967.

      1. Thank you. A sane reply to hysterics who blame France for everything. I wish people would actually run, win and see how hard it is to please everyone, on everything…. sigh.

  2. This is an issue that affects young children, who need to be bussed out of the neighbourhood, and adds to traffic, pollution and detracts from a sense of belonging in the area.

    Bickering about this disruption, after the years of Metrolinx construction is clearly something the affects the constituents represented by the councillor and the MPL, both MIA.

  3. The real problem is likely because Metrolinx and the Catholic school board are fighting over who will complete and pay for the long term maintenance of the drain/culvert. It is a very common issue. Neither bureaucracy wants to be responsible because it means at some point they will have to budget for it with taxpaying $. Frustratingly most project delays involving 2 or more gov’t agencies are like this.

  4. I would have closed down that school and not started any construction to begin with! How many trains per day will the children hear from their classrooms. Have studies been made on the impact of diesel pollution so close to children lungs? Let’s not forget the school will have at least one lockdown per month thanks to so much crime within its radius!

    1. I won’t dispute the argument over diesel – I always thought it bonkers. However, there are already over 76 schools & daycares along the rail corridor – were you up in arms about those too?

      And please tell us: when was the last time any of OUR schools were in lock-down? Can’t remember? I hear crickets…. Please stop making this community look like the worst in the City – it’s not. And if you don’t like living here, please move… we don’t need any more negativity infecting our neighbourhood. Enough damage to our collective psyche has already been done. FYI: if any outsider was planning on opening a business in Weston or move here, they would certainly think twice after finding this blog and reading any of these negative comments over and over again that are not based in fact. Why would they want to live in such a place? You defeat your own purpose! Again…. sigh.

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