Satin Finish developers to go to OMB

The Satin Finish Company owners are hoping to build 99 three-storey townhouses on the site. They were rebuffed in their initial—and, honestly, quite reasonable—request to change the zoning to allow residential development. They’re now taking their case to the Ontario Municipal Board.

The Satin Finish subdivision as proposed has problems:

  • It doesn’t have enough shared green space
  • It has only one playground
  • It’s poorly connected to the rest of the neighbourhood, with only one street entrance
  • There is little effort to preserve the beautiful buildings

That said, it’s hard to argue that these should remain employment lands; homes have already popped up all around them, and a new factory in their midst would be disruptive.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Satin Finish developers to go to OMB”

  1. but you already let other development happen and now you complain???….one right across the street from this very same site that has one entrance, one playground, same number of housing……what’s the issue? just like your going to allow a 30 storey tower on John st….more of those are on their way…..its all about posturing by the councillor….wait till they throw some section 37 money in….done deal!!!

  2. Yes the plan should be redesigned with a better layout. It really should have two access points particularly from a safety perspective. As part of the redesign they should also take a road widening on Knob Hill so traffic can move better. The reason why the City is opposed, they have long entrenched Official Plan policies that require the preservation of “employment lands”. They want and need? to keep jobs in the City. To top things off the Province adopted a similar policy in the Provincial Policy Statement in 2014. That was largely a result of all the problems in the auto sector in recent years and the realization that Ontario had lost a significant manufacturing jobs. Last point, if you ever wondered why there was a big strip of land across from Visioneering, it’s because it is designated for employment uses. Those developers of the subdivision in behind HAD to keep some employment land in order to get their approval.

    1. Its all these so called city planners that cause us grief…where were these planners years ago when developers initially started buying land up…planners are not useful especially in Weston.

  3. “There is effort to preserve the beautiful buildings” a little too late for that I think……this is a done deal.

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