Scarlett Heights Academy to close.

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Last June, the Toronto District School Board voted to close the Scarlett Heights Entrepreneurial Academy. The school sits just across the Humber, on Trehorne, near the Royal York Plaza and will usher out its last student next June. With only 221 students and room for 843, the school was only 26% utilized and had become an expensive hobby for TDSB. Even elementary schools would struggle to cope with such a tiny population and high schools are unable to provide a decent variety of courses with an average of only 55 students per grade. Students south of Eglinton will move to Richview C.I. while those to the north will will transfer to Kipling C.I.

The school’s closure might be a tad premature because Plant World on Eglinton sold for squillions to Lanterra Developments and a large influx of new students might have materialized once the 1900 proposed homes are built on the property. (Five, 18-33-storey towers are proposed for the site – subject to an OMB appeal by the City).

No matter, the kids will be moving and as a result of the Scarlett Heights influx, Kipling C.I. is exploring changing its name to reflect the two school communities.

Richview Collegiate, former high school of Beatles impersonator, Stephen Harper…not so much.

Suggestions for Kipling C.I.’s new name can be submitted using this link.

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  1. Apparently the school site will be purchased by the Catholic Board and then be retro-fitted to house the neighbouring elementary school (St. Eugene, All Saints, Father Serra etc..) graduates as a Secondary School. The surrounding neighbourhood is still considered Weston btw.

    1. Um its not weston…people that live in that area don’t called it Weston. Look up maps of Weston on google….it aint weston….

      1. The underappreciated story of how Etobicoke’s Westonians came to be disenfranchised thus may not show up on the first page of one’s Google search results but it IS there. I put it there only last month.

  2. Why are these huge high rises, breaking city guidelines, going up in this ward? What’s the point of guidelines?

  3. Roy Murray please take the part out that states “there goes the security guards job ” it’s has nothing to do with your crappy article . It’s immature and irrelevant to what’s happening. Metro doesn’t appreciate that one of it’s employees are being mention in an article that lots of costumers like. This article was bought upon the guard at metro by the costumers that care. Again please remove that part thank you.

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