School still sitting empty

The dispute between St John the Evangelist and Metrolinx has reached City News.

City says the school is empty because Metrolinx and the TCDSB can’t agree on—of all things—construction of the playground.

The school was supposed to be finished by September, 2018. If an agreement is not signed by tomorrow, the school’s opening may be delayed again.

St John students have been bussed out of town for the past 8 years.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “School still sitting empty”

  1. love have frances tries to calm the crowd down by saying its coming in September…its been 6 YEARS!!! the unfinished schools shows the lack of respect Weston gets at all levels and that we are simply only good enough for rental towers……

  2. 8 years and this school is not yet open. This is disgraceful. Who is in charge of this travesty? Shame on them!

  3. EXACTLY. This bureaucratic talk-talk-talk and going nowhere is so frustrating! Money wasted on using an old school and needing to bus students further away?! Yet, there is a new school ready, but no one can agree on the grounds of the school?! I thought all this stuff had been decided on before it broke ground!
    This is nonsense. 8 years is long enough. Let’s go with the plans, do the job and get going!

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