Scotiabank to close, pot shop to open

The Scotiabank in Weston will close in July, according to Frances Nunziata’s recent email circular. It will be merged with an existing bank much farther away, at Keele and Lawrence.

In other business news, a marijuana clinic has opened up across the street from the Superstore. The website hardly inspires confidence; it’s filled with stock photos, spelling mistakes, and highly dubious claims.

You cannot grow pot on a petri dish
You cannot grow pot on a petri dish, despite what this ‘doctor’ says.

Still, Canabliss Health says they can hook you up with book you an appointment with an obliging experienced doctor, and one of their dudes “experienced counselors” will help you choose your weed.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. Are there any plans to add the bank to the Heritage Registry? The Scotiabank in Mt Dennis built in 1949 is on, and ours seems to be of a similar vintage

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