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  1. York South Region is not represented well because there are no opposition. The PC candidate has not come out to play based on what I have read. His social media is dated as noted and does not match or there are two Andrew Ffrench’s. So yes they are off to a slow start. No point in voting. The PC’s do not do well in the GTA because they do note care about the gta. So let the liberal party rule!

  2. Hi Adam,

    I would like to talk to you about the Weston Farmers Market. Do you think its right that the farmers inside the market are not selling LOCAL produce nor are local themselves? Buying produce for more money than the local supermarket when they both come from the ONTARIO FOOD TERMINAL? Do you believe that isn’t a topic for the Weston Web? Farmers markets are designed for FARMERS & LOCAL ARTISANS to display and sell their produce to local customers keeping business here in Ontario not purchasing produce from the states or Mexico. The Weston farmers market is the longest running farmers market in ONTARIO. Almost 40 years strong, almost as long since the leafs held a cup. Now thats a long time. Dont you feel like there should be some change? Help local business, local farmers and local artisans sell in their community. Instead of having vendors who resell produce have farmers who are family run and farm to support their families. Or local restaurants and bakeries who are in the area of weston have a chance to sell their products in the market. People go to the markets expecting local fresh produce but dont know they are buying fake produce from the Food terminal.

    If you do not believe me please refer to the CBC marketplace video. As they have started the affect that needs to take place market wide. This is hurting weston if anything. Please the market needs your help.

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