Sepia-toned propaganda

If you haven’t had your daily dose of fury, have a look at the video produced by Metrolinx, extolling the virtues of the U.P. Express (formerly the Air-Rail Link). It’s hot mess of Instgrammy film-making: gauzy sepia tones, shallow depths of field, slow-motion and even ukelele music, for god’s sake. All the old hoary case-pleading is brought out, too: world-class city, legacy, international reputation… you get the idea.

It’s also a bit of a lie, right? While the video is titled, “Community Interviews”, the interviewees are unanimously in favour of the trains. Nary a mention of diesel or division in the bunch.


The first commenter on YouTube caught a doozie:

“Take that ride into the city and see the skyline unfold before you”.

“I like to absorb a city when I’m coming into it….. you can see everything. To be able to look through the windows and be in touch with the energy that a city has.”

How good will the view be after much of the corridor is surrounded by 5m high noise barrier walls after full build-out?


I’d like to add my own:

“It represents Canada, in that you feel welcome when you get here, and then you want to come back.”

Except, of course, that we’ll roll you for $25 (way more than any other ‘world-class’ city) as soon as you get off the plane. Welcome to Canada! Another $25, s’îl vous plait, to let you leave!


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Sepia-toned propaganda”

  1. What an example of PR run amok: we attended community meetings, looked at possible designs, worried about (literal) fallout for the neighbourhood, while being railroaded by slick talk.

    Tinny camp music and sepia tones prepare us for air compromised by constant doses of diesel fumes and ears blasted by train noise.

    World-class indeed.

  2. Comments on YouTube have already been disabled.

    The words said at the Weston BIA at 1:16 are missing a couple of words:

    “This is a wonderful opportunity for all business people, the communities, the residents, everybody to get involved” AND IGNORED.

  3. What a joke. I can’t believe our taxpayers money is funding this stuff. It’s pretty obvious what kind of clientele they want. The frequent flyer business people. They won’t stop in Weston. They’re just zoom by. For the rest of us..airport workers’s the Malton bus still for us. This will do nothing for Weston..except bring noise and diesel fumes.

  4. the arl stop in weston is a scandal. the arl station will disappear eventually….keep voting albanese and nunziata weston…..they do so much for you.

  5. That’s why we need to keep fighting the propaganda that Mx keeps feeding the mainstream. Tell people, anyone you meet, about the 5m high walls. Tell them about the 140 diesel trains every day, 20 hrs per day. Ask them if they would want that where they live? And that is why Mx hired, for their ARL President, someone whose background is marketing in the banking sector. Anyone ever felt hosed by their bank and the glossy brochures they produce with the fine print? That’s who is running the show for the UP-Yours Express. The more voices they hear from, the more people who ask questions of the new guard down at the Pink Palace, the better. From everywhere and not just the west end. If they can do it to us, they will do it elsewhere… it’s all about political will, not just the Pan Am Games. And please attend meetings when they come up even outside the Weston Area. I went to one in the Junction on Thursday and there are more coming up. Join the Wall Committees. Keep fighting this injustice to our communities!

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