Serious fire in Weston

The holidays were ruined for a family in Weston. There was a serious fire at 5 Weston Downs Ave, which is north of Oak St, in the subdivision behind the Superstore.

A reader sent in a report. She says that “It was a major fire, [but] thankfully no one was hurt…. Eight fire trucks, two police cars, and then Hydro and Enbridge showed up. The owners were shaken up. ¬†However I do not know how the fire started.”

The fire was over by 1 am Thursday night, when salt trucks arrived to cover the icy patches left by the fire trucks.

There was little visible damage on the outside of the house, though there had obviously been an incident. The fascia was falling out in several places, the doors were open even though it was cold out, and there were patches of salt and sand on the road outside. Unfortunately, the house also holds a home daycare; the residents may face a double-whammy of damage to their home and lost income from their business.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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