Shakespeare In Action is now Weston based.

Shakespeare in Action is a community group dedicated to making the works of William Shakespeare accessible to young people.  Yesterday, SIA announced that after 30 years as an itinerant company, they now have a home in Weston at the new Artscape Weston Common. They have also acquired office space at the Central United Church just a short walk away.

Read more in the Star here.

5 thoughts on “Shakespeare In Action is now Weston based.”

    1. Hi Liana

      we are actually looking for professional actors for an upcoming summer production of Midsummer Night’s Dream to be performed at Little Avenue Memorial Park.

      Here’s the posting if you know of any actors in/from Weston.

      All the best,
      Director of Education

        1. Hi Lina
          it’s a union production, but actors don’t necessarily have to be part of the union.

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