Shakespeare In Action launches fundraising campaign

Shakespeare In Action is one of the two artistic pillars of the soon to be opened Weston Hub. It specializes in making the works of William Shakespeare more accessible to young people through a variety of endeavours that focus on their active involvement.

In the latest video from SIA, founder and Artistic Director Michael Kelly shows us the actual space that the theatre group will soon occupy and kicks off a $250,000 ‘Raise The Roof’ fundraising campaign. The money will be used for studio / theatre infrastructure and to support new community outreach initiatives.

The group is a registered charity and donations are being handled through the Canada Helps site here.

2 thoughts on “Shakespeare In Action launches fundraising campaign”

  1. I can’t wait to see all those that supported the building of John st donate to this organization.

  2. This is a laudable venture and could make a difference for Weston. Let’s support it and every other effort to create activities that inspire!


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