Shooting at Weston and King

The police are investigating a shooting that took place at Weston and King around 5:30 this afternoon. They say that five males in a silver four-door car shot at another vehicle. No victims were located at the time, though 680 reports that a man checked himself into hospital a short time later.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

7 thoughts on “Shooting at Weston and King”

  1. Sadly, once again..
    .. no one saw anything, right?

    No ID of any persons?

    No ID of any of the 5 persons riding in a “silver vehicle”?
    (Why? Perhaps because of heavily tinted windows? Which incidentally, are illegal. But, never are these types of cars flagged down & tagged for being illegally tinted, from top to bottom.)

    No plate ID?
    (Visibly blocked with tinted plate guards. Or more than likely, stolen plates. But, cops can’t be good, nosey cops anymore, right? Might step on someone’s toes or hurt someone’s feelings.)

    Then, the perps & victims have the nerve to just drop themselves off at the local Emergency, where they know they’ll be “triaged” – and likely, bumped to the head of the line for medical attention & surgery, right?

    On the tax payers dime?


    Because the Hippocratic Oath is to, “Do no harm”, right?

    That, in stark contrast to those pulling triggers on each other because someone disrespected someone – when they absolutely have no shame or respect for themselves?

    And, we’re supposed to be empathetic to their so-called, “hardships”?

    Is it any wonder that Chief Saunders is losing his well measured, decent and thoughtful demeanour?

    Shame on anyone in this town or city who thinks that he and his team are the hard-ass bad guys.

    A bit pissed?


    Because the next time a young Mom & her kids walk into town to pick something up in Shoppers, it’ll be a different kind of news story – if they get caught in a 5 gangster cross fire from a hard to ID vehicle, just cruising through this town or any other in the GTA.



    Anyone else wanna hear more bullspit from a politician, at any level?

    1. Sounds like you are ready to become the super hero YSW needs.
      Don the cape and cowl, then type anonymous complaints on a local blog. Complaint-Man is here, but not for the rescue, just to do some complaining and finger-pointing. Should you need a side kick, I’m ready to become Sarcasm Boy. Just have the commissioner shine the complaint signal!

  2. Oh, and Councillor, Weston Asset Management & WestHaven Group?

    See why many feel it’s vitally important to properly plan, design & build a decent & safe high density home ownership community – that helps discourage more gangbangers from moving into the area, if that’s even possible because they also know how to launder money through real estate holdings, right?

    They already have way too many nooks & crannies to hideout and do business in this town and city – like at 33 King Street, Weston Road, Dixon Road, Albion Road & all the other surrounding high density buildings, east & north of here, too.

    Please, don’t let the city down with more questionable housing.

    Thank you.

  3. Suggestion for Weston Webber: please disenvowel comments that show no indication that the writer has read past the inflammatory word that starts the long rant session.

    He should stick to party entertainment as this blog is read by people who want information and who care about Weston.

  4. Agreed, Professor.
    Witty, small talking cocktail chatter only, please!
    (..before our glazed over eyes give us away.)

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