Short shrift for back yard chickens

After a groundswell of popular opinion, progressive cities like New York, Vancouver BC, Kingston ON; Brampton, ON; Guelph; ON; and Niagara Falls, ON; now allow people to raise chickens in their back yards. Provisions are made so that there are standards of space, noise and cleanliness, smell etc. Similarly, here in Toronto, a popular movement has arisen with the same goal in mind.
The matter went to council in December and council, recognizing a growing interest, asked the city’s Licensing and Standards Committee to investigate the feasibility of allowing the practice.

The movement came to a screeching halt today at today’s Licensing and Standards meeting where members basically sent the idea to the place where motions go to die; i.e. the matter was deferred indefinitely. Notable among the objectors were our own councillor Frances Nunziata who was quoted as saying, ‘If you want chicken, go to Swiss Chalet’. Gloria Lindsay Luby came out with the catchy phrase, ‘Not in my back yard’.

Apparently not in anyone else’s either.

9 thoughts on “Short shrift for back yard chickens”

  1. Our politicians distinguish themselves again as thoughtful analysts: Frances Nunziata also told the chicken-owners to get a farm.
    One of the children who defended urban chicken-rearing to the committee registered his surprise at the members’ closed minds and rude comments.
    Ah, youth!

  2. Well Frances has once again gone against many of her constituants! The amount of chicken owners in Weston is a fair size and growing. Many a morning I hear “cock-a-doodle-doo” from neighbours yards.

    Hopefully soon my yard will be home to some of these lovely creatures.

    Perhaps Frances should go to a farm, she’s been generating enough manure to fit in.

  3. Vancouver, New York, Brampton, but not Toronto?


    Growing vegetables in your backyard doesn’t mean you should be told to live on a farm. If other cities can work out regulations that allow urban chickens, why can’t we learn from them? People are trying to make responsible decisions and do not deserve ignorance and insult from their elected representatives. Being elected official is not a rubber-stamp but a responsibility to listen to constituents, and represent them.

    Fewer chickens on council and more in our backyards!

  4. Well I agree with Frances on this one. I think she’ll be re-elected. I saw in the paper that she and Ford visited some social housing in Mount Dennis. Seems alot of people happy that they visited! Finally a Mayor that knows Weston Mount Dennis exists.

  5. Hey Adam,

    Nice article! I recently acquired some chickens for my backyard here in Newfoundland and things are going great. I get about 5 eggs a day… very egg-citing! Ha!

  6. Chickens?What a great idea! I love fresh eggs, but i am not wlnilig to move to the country (or even an “ex-urban community” to raise them.I have a soft spot for birds. My husband and I have two parrots that share our home.

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