5 thoughts on “Snowing in Weston?”

  1. Appalling disregard for environment and neighbourhood.
    Frances Nunziata and Rockport: disgusting wasters of power.

  2. Yes, had it falling EVERYWHERE about a week ago. All nicely distributed by that wind tunnel effect from that tall building on King Street.

    Very strange effect – leaving one with the thought, how do we clean this mess up, one bead a a time?

    During last night’s debate at WCI, many “big picture” questions & thoughts on the “environment” and how the hopefuls & their teams would approach the ongoing problems, regionally, nationally & globally. But, not much in the way of this more immediate current event around our town.

    It was our very own Weston snow globe.

    “Styrofoam – the special gift that keeps on giving, year after year.. ”

    So, what’s the chance that this building’s Reno crew getting a slap on the wrist for all the styrofoam beads scattered and now embedded, everywhere?



  3. Or maybe that’s provincial matter?

    Perhaps something for the Ford government to consider, at their newly renamed environment department (up there at Islington & the 401),
    “the Ministry of Outside Stuff and Fun & Games”.

    In the meantime, maybe our MPP could rattle the cage down at Queen’s Park, just to get the “beads” rolling for his YSW riding?

  4. West 22 management (Rhapsody) is the same as 33 King, they are the responsible party for the snow and they are employed by Rockport. They are horrendously unqualified to run a building and should be called out for polluting the neighbourhood.

  5. Something needs to be done about this issue, this is absurd. You can get fined for throwing a can of coke on the ground but these people can just pollute an entire neighbourhood and get away with it

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