Some comments on commenting and contributing.

Weston Web has been ‘on the air’ since 2010 when Adam started to write about things going on in his neighbourhood. Very few corners of Toronto have such a source of local news and we’re proud of that fact. Hundreds of articles have been written about the Weston / Mount Dennis community and all of them are still accessible through our search function. We make no secret of who we are and what we think. We’re opinionated and unabashed centre-lefties and we often think our leaders can do better.

Readers may believe that we are not fans of certain politicians. That’s not quite true. We attempt at WestonWeb to make our points by attacking ideas and actions rather than the people behind them. We almost always support our opinions through facts and links to other publications. As I mentioned, we stick our names on top of articles we write because we’d like to see our neighbourhood get a better shake and we’re not ashamed to be identified.

We have a comment section after each article because readers often add to a topic – sometimes providing insights far better than anything that we could come up with. Commenters can remain anonymous if they wish.

We get the occasional ugly comment after a WestonWeb article. Such ‘contributions’ attack the authors or people mentioned in the article. We also get unsubstantiated smears on our community as being crime-filled and run down – false notions that we have refuted extensively. Adam generously ‘disemvowels’ such comments, while I zap them out of existence without a trace.  These people never identify themselves and I can only infer that they do not want their family, friends or neighbours to know that they hold such opinions.

On the other hand, our comments section receives some fantastic well-thought out ideas from readers, many of whom identify themselves. To these people, thank-you. We value your opinions even though don’t always mesh with ours. Some of our commenters have become guest writers and we cherish their contributions.

If you think you can contribute to our community discussion, we welcome your ideas. Write for us if you think you have a few articles in you and if you’re commenting; don’t be Anon or Anonymous. We’d love it if you could identify yourself or failing that, give yourself a consistent handle so readers can follow your ideas.

4 thoughts on “Some comments on commenting and contributing.”

  1. Thank you, Roy, for saying what all your loyal readers feel about the ugly comments that intrude into this wonderful service that Adam began and that you have contributed so much time and thought and effort into over the years.

    We are supremely lucky to have you both use your energy and skill to research, analyze and comment on issues that affect Weston.

    Thank you, thank you, and while Adam is so creative with his elisions, I think the zap approach has merit. Your readers are attentive because we want to know more and more deeply.
    Not because we want to hear a rant that belongs in the zap file.Report

    1. None of us loyal readers think that….if people want to post comments it’s called free speech so long as its note hate.Report

      1. Call me old fashioned, but I’ll side with the xkcd take on free speech:

        Like many, I appreciate this blog, but am frankly surprised that comments are in play. I expect you are all busy people, and it must be annoying to have to manage the anger spouted by entitled trolls who speak loud but honestly don’t have much to offer besides their attitude and insistence “to be heard”. Yawn.Report

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