Some details on “Weston Common” (sp)

InsideToronto has details on the “Weston Common”, formerly known as the Cultural Hub. Most of it sounds good—but I do believe they have a spelling mistake.

Artscape officials proposed at a public meeting Monday, Nov. 14 the entire site, including the live-work apartments, the hub, and the open space, could be called Weston Common, and will feature bold colours on the exterior of the buildings.

Artscape vice-president Pru Robey said the name is meant to reflect that the space is for everyone.

The words ‘Weston Common’ will be used throughout the site and on way-finding signage leading people to it.

It should be “commons“, with an -s, when used as a noun, I’m quite certain. “Common”, on the other hand, is the adjective. I’m not alone in believing so: Oxford and Wikipedia agree, and we do not call it, perhaps unfortunately, “The House of Common”.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

7 thoughts on “Some details on “Weston Common” (sp)”

  1. Is it true they are thinking of naming the small area out front where the farmers market is to be locatated ….after Frances? I heard it was slated to be named “Frances Nunziata Memorial comment was that she’s not dead! How could that be?

    I don’t like the name Weston Common – infers common.. as in ‘low class’….

  2. The ‘Common’ name for a park is spreading across the City, particularly in older neighbourhoods. The park in the Pan Am village is now called ‘Corktown Common’. The best known Common would be Boston Common, their central park, which dates back to 1634 and is the oldest city park in the US.

  3. Oh please, not Nunziata Square! The giant tower block maybe…and in a world where we have UP Express, it’s too much to hope that common is going to be changed.
    Or the Nunziata self-storage units!

  4. Oh no …there is no way it can be named Nunziata….then no one will come. Not a single resident association member was there?

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