Some election thoughts

The official York South-Weston election results are here. There were 37,296 votes cast or 50.56% of eligible voters who took the trouble to cast a ballot compared to 46.1% in 2014. Faisal Hassan 36.1% Mark DeMontis: 33% Laura Albanese: 28% Grad Murray: 2.5% Bonnie Hu: 0.6%

President Ford™ will be grasping the levers of power in a few short weeks. Every cloud has a silver lining and there will no doubt be initiatives from Mr. Ford’s team that will be good for the province. Even Mike Harris wasn’t all bad.

What lessons can we learn from this election and its result?

    1. Our electoral system needs reform. The popular vote was PC: 40.6%, NDP: 33.7%, LIB: 19.3%. The total progressive vote was 53% and yet because it was split, a government representing 40.5% of the electorate has absolute power for the next four years.
    2. Faisal Hassan fought well to win the seat for the NDP. He ran an effective campaign with a strong team that could be useful during October’s civic election. Let’s hope he can get up to speed quickly and be an effective voice for York South-Weston.
    3. Here in York South-Weston, local PC boy Mark DeMontis surfed the blue wave and almost eked out a victory. WestonWeb articles about him were insanely popular in terms of reader numbers so it was clear he would do well. I wonder if he regrets obeying orders from PCHQ to skip the debate.
    4. Local candidate Grad Murray bumped the riding’s share of Green Party votes by a mere tenth of a percentage point over the 2014 result. Let’s hope the well-spoken and knowledgeable Mr. Murray can stick around and build on his vote share. Ontario’s Green’s now have an actual MPP, meaning that they will have a seat at debates next time. Their share of the popular vote dropped from 4.84% to 4.64% so it’s not an unqualified success.
    5. Kathleen Wynne may be a decent person but she failed to support her candidates by rooting out and exposing the corruption and bad decision-making in her party. She had five years to distance herself from the scandals and boot from cabinet flagrant opportunists like Steven Del Duca and Glen Murray but failed to do so. Her cynical, last minute concession speech was designed to hobble the NDP, indicating that her true passion was power, not progressive policies. Her claim that strikes would be never ending under the NDP was straight from the Tory Party handbook.
    6. Doug Ford’s victory speech began at the same time as Kathleen Wynne’s resignation speech. Ford’s team has vast political experience so this was no accident. It may be an insight into Mr. Ford’s style of governing.
    7. On the subject of speeches, Andrea Horwath’s last night seemed irrationally exuberant. Admittedly, she has done well, becoming the Leader of the Opposition by moving to the left of her 2014 stance.  Even so, some of her election promises seemed on the fly and not well thought out. For example, doing away with ‘Time Of Use’ hydro billing would have compromised conservation attempts and battery technology applications. Excessive subsidy of hydro bills goes against energy conservation. Far better to put the money into getting people off heating homes with electricity.
    8. York South-Weston’s fragile economy will be done no favours by Mr Ford freezing the minimum wage at $14. The promised ending of provincial income tax for these workers will do little to soften a potential $1800 annual loss.
    9. The end of Carbon Tax money may mean problems for the Mount Dennis Net Zero initiative.
    10. The Eglinton Crosstown line was scheduled to run above ground along Eglinton past Scarlett on its way (eventually) to the Airport. Defeated Etobicoke Centre MPP, Yvan Baker was a proponent of burying the line. Look for Doug Ford to endorse that (very expensive) concept.
    11. Lastly, while every cloud has a silver lining, the need for Mr. Ford to find billions of dollars out of thin air will target the most vulnerable in York South-Weston and elsewhere in Toronto. New MPP Hassan should make it a priority to anticipate and publicize the ‘efficiencies’ that will have an adverse effect on his most vulnerable constituents.

6 thoughts on “Some election thoughts”

  1. Don’t remember Mr Murray complaining when the federal liberals won an absolute majority with an even a smaller share of the vote; 39.47. I guess that’s why Justin reneged on electoral reform. He now claims representational democracy would not be good for Canada, more likely someone pointed out there would be no more majority governments.

    Does Mr Murray, along with everyone else who rejoiced at Justin’s win, but now damns our electoral sysytem, like representational democracy? Maybe they should start “pushing” Justin Trudeau, that great keeper of electoral promises.

    Finally, if you are one of the Ontarians gnashing their teeth over the win of Trump lite, Doug Ford, think of this. Were it not for the #metoo movement, probably supported by these same whingers, Ontario would now have Premier Patrick Brown. In the words of Sarah Palin “How did that work out for you?” Life’s a bitch and sometimes sanctimonious tw*ts get just what they deserve.

    So Mr Murray I’d say everyone in Ontario got what they wanted, or deserved. Perhaps it’s a sign of the time that Mr Ford beat two women twice, leadership race, electoral race. Somewhere I hear Hillary screaming.

    1. I’ll have you know that complaining is not my style; ranting is. In addition, contrary to your innuendo, I have long been a fan of ranked balloting for elections – oddly, all parties use it when selecting a leader but apparently it’s too sophisticated for us great unwashed to understand. My dislike for first past the post is not a recent thing. I have damned the electoral system for years – especially Toronto Council’s FPTP where ancient fossils and outrageous clowns have sat undisturbed for decades because the system heavily favours incumbents. Dave Meslin and his team of volunteers have conducted a campaign for many years in an effort to bring ranked ballots to voting. You should check them out. Justin Trudeau promised to end ‘first past the post’ voting in Canada but managed to end discussion on the matter after realizing that the Liberals actually benefit more by having FPTP. I have since ended my unrequited bromance with Justin and in fact he is now dead to me (unless he wears a pair of socks marked ‘Rabit’).
      As for your implication that Harvey Weinstein was responsible for the election of President Ford™, you must have been talking to my wife as she was saying the exact same thing.

  2. I’ve heard from multiple members of the Somali community that Faisal went to doors using the sex ed curriculum to try and scare up votes for himself, and his weak debate response made that very clear. Is he an NDP or an opportunist? He needs to remember that the votes in the House are public, so he can’t use those shady tactics there. SHAME!

    1. why dont you ask about comments others have made that represent us? its all a game my friend and if the others in power can do it nothing wrong with Faisal doing the same….you are clearly a liberal Mikey….

      1. So you are okay with Faisal talking out the side of his neck? Good for you. You won’t be disappointed in your new representative. Dippers always gag when people criticize them, you need to toughen up cause there will be a lot of critics for that guy.

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