Some thoughts on skipping debates

Mark DeMontis did not attend tonight’s all-candidates debate; he spent it campaigning door-to-door instead.

It makes me very sad—and angry—that he wouldn’t attend, but it fits into into a broader pattern: PC candidates across the province are avoiding their electors. They’ve skipped debates in 25 ridings as of last weekend (and now 26).

Doug Ford denies muzzling candidates, saying “I’ve never told them not to go to a debate,” but a party spokesperson was more equivocal, and political scientists say that this is part of a plan to keep attention on the party leaders—and away from local politicians.

It’s the making of a monarchy: one person—Duke Doug—is to know all and fix all. His ‘ideas’ (they’re slogans) will not be tested in the public square. Objections won’t be heard, and experts (like other candidates) won’t be tolerated.  Doug Ford is so sure that he knows what you want that he won’t let you tell him. It’s omakase politics.

Mark DeMontis also denied us the chance to see Hassan and Albanese’s ideas lit up with a bright blue light. He missed his first chance for public service: showing us what is wrong with the Liberal, NDP, and Green platforms. We’re doubly worse off because he would have been an excellent debater (he has been a public speaker and broadcaster).

Mark DeMontis should have stood up for his party and presented his ideas to be debated. He also should have stood up to his party and attended in defiance, if he was told not to go.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Some thoughts on skipping debates”

  1. I disagree, he probably met with and talked to more people while out canvassing than attended the debates. He was listening to what people need or want for their area. More valuable in my book.

    1. That’s ridiculous Sue. One of the primary functions of a provincial politician is to debate the issues for their constituents at Queen’s Park. If DeMontis is too scared to put on his big boy pants and attend a local debate, and show the community that he is capable of more than taking photos with dogs, then he certainly won’t be able to handle Queen’s Park.
      I hope he enjoyed his long walk down Weston Road last night. When the election is over he will have plenty of time to keep walking, right back to his downtown apartment.

      1. I agree that not attending the public debate in order to press a few hands along Weston Rd. and disregarding the community’s right to hear from all candidates at the same time reveals a politician interested only in his own success and ignorant of how our democratic political process works: voters need to be informed and not just wooed or wowed by who has the most money for political ads and billboards.
        Shameful behaviour in someone who wants to represent us.

  2. In essence, it’s part of the “job interview” process, and you shouldn’t just run on the merits of the party or party leader.

    What do you bring to the position of rep and how do we benefit having you, especially when there are others applying for the gig?

    Try harder, young man.

    You’ve still got two weeks to prove you deserve it, despite the traditional opposition here in York South and Weston.

  3. Or, if I may appeal to your hockey playing side, Mark.

    We know that you’re a team player, and have said so via Twitter throughout all the PC leadership selection issues & problems.

    And, that you’re going to be a good team mate and do what you’re told to do by your coaching staff because you’re proud to wear the blue jersey.

    Now, many of us old & aging athletes know that a strong defence will help you win a championship.

    But, as the saying goes your team has been playing “Katy bar the door” hockey and you’re goalie is starting to let in a few more goals than expected because the defence is being spread out & picked apart – not as supportive as they should be.

    But, here’s the upside blue team guy – you still have 14 days to go in this game, and we all know that you have to play the entire game – right up to that final horn on June 7th.

    So, there’s still time to find your mojo and get some offence going before you lose your touch.

    Start skating, be first to the puck and get some forechecking into your game because your team has lost it’s huge lead.

    And as the saying also goes, your best defence may just be a strong offence.

    So, let’s go..

    -14 more periods
    -one shift at a time
    -and show ’em your Maple Leaf “blue” heart and turn this into a game for the ages.


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