Something afoot on Rosemount

A piece of Weston’s industrial history is up for sale.  30 Rosemount, which had housed Christian Bros. Restaurant Supplies since 1952, is on the market.

The sellers are asking $2.4 million and tout, among its other virtues, its potential for “Possible Residential In-Fill Development. This Is Rare !” [sic].

2 Rosemount, the Tae Kwon Do building, is also up for sale, for $3 million. The sellers may not be the same person; the two buildings are listed with different agents.

Finally, in related news, the clothing business at 1952 Weston, which your correspondent counts as one of the ugliest shops in town for its daily clothing explosion, is also for sale.

As an aside: why do agents always capitalize each word in the listing? It Does Not Make Listings More Exciting !


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Something afoot on Rosemount”

  1. My relatives owned the Christian Bros warhouse, the owners are elderly. I don’t know how anyone could live in apartments near the tracks the bell-ringing of the trains, the UPX dieasal train is loud, now GO trains coming during the day (which are mostly empty!). I heard through family circles that they having a hard time selling warehouse I think this place will remain empty place for long time.

  2. so what your saying mel is that this could of been artscape location……but the wvra sold out to a developer for next to nothing.

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