Sparks fly on electric trains

The Junction Triangle Rail Committee says that the provincial NDP has abandoned electrification of the ARL to save seats in northern Ontario. The NDP, the group says, has said not made electrification of the UP Express a condition of supporting the 2014 budget.

The party is afraid of a backlash in Northern Ontario if they push electrification of the West Toronto rail corridor because rail services in the North where they hold seats have been cut. Calling it ‘just a local issue,’ Parkdale-High Park MPP Cheri DiNovo says forcing electrification as part of the budget would be politically unwise.

The vocal downtown organization says the NDP’s decision is a “broken promise and a huge disappointment”.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

8 thoughts on “Sparks fly on electric trains”

  1. The NDP have been compromising their principles on too many issues lately. Time for Horvath to put up or go.

  2. The NDP is no different than the other parties. Same old same old. They all trade their so called principles for political expediency.

  3. Isn’t that lovely. Thanks to the NDP and mouthy Cheri DiNovo they decided to stop backing the electrification of the ARL.

  4. Please when the ndp did support electrification no one in weston cared since most still voted for Laura….so since weston don’t care, ndp are moving to items people care about. Good move ndp.

  5. Hi folks. In response to the criticism from the Junction Triangle group, it should be noted that the ARL issue (remember Blue-22?) goes back a decade. It was New Democrats like me (and of course Mike Sullivan) who first got it on the public’s radar. Had we not done that, we wouldn’t have seen some of the positive changes that we’ve seen with the project (which is still, IMHO, terribly flawed). As for electrification, the NDP absolutely supports electrifying sooner rather than later. Current and former NDP MPPs (including DiNovo) have asked tough questions of the government and introduced bills and motions. Does that mean it’s worthy of being an “ask” during budget negotiations? Unfortunately, many more people across the province are concerned about things like auto insurance, youth unemployment and taxes than they are about electrifying a rail line through west-end Toronto. That’s just the reality. It’s Andrea Horwath’s responsibility to do what she thinks is in the best interests of all Ontarians when she stakes out the NDP’s demands. And that’s what she’s done.

    As for the comments from Soaringeagle and Westonlover, they might be onto something. Turnout in the last provincial election in York South–Weston was 45 per cent . . . I also want to point out that these days its tough to get 30 locals out to a community meeting on the rail line. That’s the cold hard truth.

    Cheers, Paul

  6. I think it shows lip service to the issue, otherwise, the NDP members along the line would push for this to be a Budget ask. This shows a lack of genuine concern for their constituents no matter which way you try to spin it. I didn’t know that Horwath had a limit on the number of asks she could put forth, how thrifty. And as for DiNovo, maybe she’s right that its just a ‘local issue’. Political suicide indeed.

  7. The main point I think needs to be made has to do with the fact that the NDP has backed away from the electrification push because they are trying to protect seats in the North. Its a calculated party decision. All parties engage in it. Electrification is a negotiable to the NDP but that is no different than any of the other 2 parties. .

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