Speed humps on Wendell

City staff are recommending that speed humps not be placed on Wendell Avenue south of Gary to Queenslea, despite some startlingly high speeds on the street.

The request for humps came from Frances Nunziata’s office, but the city staff say that the speeds on Wendell do not meet the minimum criteria required—

  • The “85th percentile speed” (the speed below which 85% of cars go) is 49km/h. To get humps, staff want to see 50km/h.
  • 2500 cars a day should be on a ‘collector road’; Wendell got 2232 (somewhat strangely, Wendell is classified as a collector road even south of Gary. Collector roads connect neighbourhoods to arterial roads).

Staff also recommend that residents be surveyed if Nunziata overrules their recommendation, as she often does. The surveys are a tricky business: more than 2/3 of residents need to respond, and more than half need to be in favour.Untitled copy

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.