Speed limits may be lowered on 4 streets

The Etobicoke York Community Council is considering lowering the speed limits on four streets in Weston and Mount Dennis. The motion will reduce the speed limit to 30 km/hr on the following streets:

  • Wall Avenue
  • Ralph Street (near CR Marchant)
  • Guestville (near Our Lady of Victory Catholic School)
  • Dennis Avenue (near Dennis Avenue School)

A petition had been circulated to ask for speed humps on Wall Avenue, but doing so didn’t meet the technical criteria, so lowered speed limits are being asked for instead.

The motion will be considered April 4.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Speed limits may be lowered on 4 streets”

  1. I have asked that there be speed bumps put on our street.. Ellis Ave., as drivers use it as a short cut from Lawrence Ave. to Jane St or the opposite.. They just come zooming down to beat the traffic… They don’t even stop at the stop sign going onto Gibson… I was told to get the signatures of all the residents on the street, but that is impossible as not everyone is at home when we have gone to their house. I hope they can put a speed calculator and one of those car counters across the road. A few animals have been hit on our street, which should not happen on a short side street as there are only 31 houses.

    1. Not sure what speed bumps will do to help. In actuality, they only slow down emergency vehicles and make it more difficult for fire and ambulance to get to people in need. Though, I am sure the great councillor will ensure they get done.

      1. After living on this street for over 60 years,,you could count on one hand, how many times emergency vehicles have come down our street, as we are right next to Lawrence Ave. W. They have only come on this street for the need of people who live on this street. Speeding down this street to use as a short cut endangers the people who live here and any animals (feral cats, or outdoor cats, squirrels) many of who (whom) have been struck,, killed or injured. Please do not be sarcastic about the need of these speed bumps.. You do not live here. Thank you .

        1. Not sure why you think I am being sarcastic. Your city councillor loves to leverage support for herself off issues like this. I am surprised she didn’t jump at the chance to do it again. The fact is that emergency services always advise against installing these types of deterrents. Perhaps you can ask the police to sit at the stop sign during rush hour to ticket people. Surely they have time for that.

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