Speed reductions coming

In with the budget announcements, there was some other good news in Frances Nunziata’s email circular: some streets in Weston will have their speed limits lowered. Church, John, and King will now have 30 km/h limits where they cross the track. Rosemount will be slowed down between Church and Ralph.

Your humble correspondent would like to suggest one more traffic improvement: stop sign enforcement along Pine. The traffic there is awful, and slowing Rosemount down will only make it worse. YHC is about ready to start a campaign of civil disobedience. Anybody have a jackhammer I can borrow?

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “Speed reductions coming”

  1. Hi Adam, I am too a father and a cyclist, but how is this making our community better? Again, its simply Nunziata dealing with little minor items to give the appearance of doing something.

    1. Well, hmmm. Yes, I suppose I have a plain prejudice that I haven’t based on evidence: I prefer slower cars to faster ones.

      Nunziata’s effectiveness, well, that’s another topic.

  2. Rosemount has already gone from 40kmh to 30kph since last spring to “accommodate” metrolinx construction crews. But it wasn’t for their safety. And it wasn’t for the safety of residents either. That reduction came about when residents complained about the high speeds the construction trucks & related vehicles were travelling, using rosemount as their own personal raceway. To shut us up about it, they changed the speed limit to 30, yet to this day the construction vehicles, dump trucks and the like still speed on… no traffic police in sight.

    It’s done absolutely nothing to curb speeds. And traffic is just as fast as it was when it was 40 – which was always closer to 45-50, especially by those who use it as a short cut, some not even locals, with most drivers already filled with road rage because of all the congestion metrolinx has created in the area. I suspect nothing will change with even further reductions on John and King. Church is already partially 30 – and once in a while, you will see a cop near Grattan and Church with the radar out. Besides, is anyone else being tailgated by some jackass on Church St. when trying to obey the 30kph? It’s brutal.

    I think most of us prefer slower cars to faster ones but also prefer decisions that make a positive difference – instead of those that really don’t matter. Create a traffic calming zone already like they did on Wendall and be done with it…and I couldn’t agree more — leave it to nunziata to keep up appearances…

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