Sponsored post: Are you backing up?

I came this close to getting a divorce when my computer crashed and ate my daughter’s baby pictures. If I hadn’t been religious about backups, I’d be a single man. And that, I am told, would be a bad thing.

Backblaze makes it easy to back up and stay married—or at least get divorced on your own terms. You don’t need to buy an external hard drive. You don’t need to schedule time to do it.

Backblaze saves your information, safely and securely, to the cloud. You can back up as much as you want for $5 a month.

If your laptop is stolen from your car—your work is safe.

If someone breaks into your house—your pictures are safe.

I really do use Backblaze. It’s cheap, and it’s excellent. Honestly.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Sponsored post: Are you backing up?”

  1. I. Am. Trying. To. Make. A. Buck!

    1) Your data is safely encrypted by BackBlaze. If you don’t like how they do it, you can encrypt it with your own password, no problemo. I do that.
    2) More importantly, you have to think about what ‘secure’ really means to you. I’m less worried about the NSA poring over my data than I am of my kids pouring over my data. Putting it in the cloud makes it more secure from my kids, that’s for sure.

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