Squibb’s turning 85

Squibb’s Stationers will be turning 85 this week. The beloved Weston bookstore was started on May 5, 1927 by Arthur Squibb and his wife Cary. It is the oldest business in Weston, and the oldest stationery and textbook store in Toronto, according to the owners.

In the press release, Suri Weinberg–Linsky, the current owner, says,

Working with some of Toronto’s best private schools has kept the store in business despite shifts in the marketplace over the past 20 years.  After major changes in the public school system changed the way they do business in the early 1990’s, the store has had to adapt to stay relevant.  While the primary part of the business is textbooks for Grades 1 through 12, the store also offers all kinds of stationery products including business and office items, social stationery including wedding invites, art supplies and school supplies as well as a large gift selection and Bibles.  It is a store that is unique and different.

Suri and Mike, her husband, welcome you to the store for a little get-together from 1–5 pm on May 5. Squibb’s, as if you didn’t know, is at 1974 Weston Rd.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.