St John (might be) getting new school!

After years of struggle, St John the Evangelist Elementary School will (probably) be getting new facilities. The Ministry of Education announced funding for a new school yesterday.

St John is presently very overcrowded; there are 10 portables on the grounds, and the children have very little grass or green space to enjoy. The school will also be disrupted by the construction of the Air Rail Link; Metrolinx thinks that all the children in the portables should be moved while they build. St John administration and parent council had been pushing to build a new, bigger facility while the construction was going on.

The TDCSB says that there will be about $6.2 million for the new school—enough to build for 600 students as soon as September of 2012.

In the press release, Dave Bennett, Vice Chair of the Parent Council, graciously thanked MPP Laura Albanese, trustee Frank D’Amico, and the community for their support. He said, “We live in a great community!”

Update: I’ve added a few qualifiers, since it’s not all that clear whether, in fact, the money is there. Aaargh. Just ignore this post.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “St John (might be) getting new school!”

  1. This was a preliminary funding, and enough to start the planning to replace the school. More funds are required in the amount of $6-8M. The Minister stated in their letter “The future funding approval is intended to be provided in time to allow the board to start construction as early as 2012” but also stated “The Ministry notes that based on recent information from the board about its own sources of funding, the board sould support the remaining cost of rebuilding the school compared to undertaking an addition.”

    Thanks Dave Bennett
    Vice Chair Parent Council St. John the Evangelist
    – we are excited!!!

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