St John knocked back a square

St John the Evangelist families found out this week that school board staff would like to relocate students to a surplus school quite far away—near Old Weston Road and Davenport—while Metrolinx builds the Air Rail Link.

The present school, which is terribly crowded, has been promised funding for an addition, but it has not received funding for a replacement. Sensibly, the administration would like to have a replacement school built while the tracks are being installed in order to minimize disruption. The administration would also like to relocate all of the students, not just the students currently in portables, which is what Metrolinx would like to do.

Moving the students will cost $2 million, which the board has asked Metrolinx to pay. The temporary school is about 20 minutes away by car when traffic is good, but may take 45 minutes to reach by school bus.

InsideToronto has more on the story.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “St John knocked back a square”

  1. isn’t st. philip neri school currently sitting unused? beverly hills & jane isn’t that far. why not use that?

  2. Longtime Westonian, you’re correct. it’s still in use. for some reason i thought it was closed.

    the rumour i heard is that it might close down due to possible low enrolment. though i don’t know how much truth there is to that rumour.

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