St John the Evangelist needs your help

The students at St John the Evangelist need a new school, are in line for a new school, and may get a new school if you help.

Dave Bennett, Chair of the Parent Council, says the Ministry of Education will be meeting with the TCDSB on August 25; he would like residents to express their support for a new school before that meeting.

St John is very overcrowded—in the autumn, it will have the maximum number of portables allowed, and classes now sometimes happen in the church basement. The school is also threatened by construction of the new Air Rail Link. Metrolinx thinks that the students in the portables should be moved to another school. Finally, the start of full-day kindergarten in 2014 will put additional pressure on the school.

Bennet says, “we would rather see St. John be replaced at the same time as the tunnel behind the school is being built. But in order to get this accomplished, we require your support.”

If you support the construction of a new school, you can send an email blast to the following people by clicking this little link.

  • Shelley Potter (Chief of Staff – Minister’s Office)
  • Kevin Costante (Deputy Minister – Deputy Minister’s Office)
  • Gabriel Sekaly (Assistant Deputy Minister)
  • Laura Albanese (our MPP)
  • Dave Bennett.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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