St Johns getting new digs

St John the Evangelist Catholic School has been going through some tough times. They are, of course, building a new school—but in the interim, they have had to hunker down at a school near Dupont and Lansdowne, 40 minutes by bus away. There was the train construction, then the discovery of a cemetery that delayed the new building. The soil at the new site turned out to be contaminated–so they lost some playground. 

Now, at last, some good news: they’re moving closer, to St. Philip Neri Elementary school near Jane and Wilson, at 20 Beverly Hills Drive. 

The new school will be bigger, and no students will need portables. “This will be the first time in four decades St. John the Evangelist School would not have any portables”, Dave Bennett, the Chair of the Parent Council, says in his open email. The bus ride will also be much shorter–only 20 minutes.

The move will be soon, at the New Year.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.