Staff blast Greenland proposal

Roy will have his own article in a moment, but here is my summary of the city’s report on the Greenland building: Absolutely not.

The report rejects the proposal on many different levels. But, in short, the building is far too big and will hurt, rather than “regentrify”, Weston.

The report will be presented to community council on January 8.

At issue is a proposal for two 29-storey towers joined by a very large podium on a relatively small site at Weston and Little.  The official plan for Weston limits buildings to 8 storeys, and fewer close to the road, so the proposed building is far larger, far denser, and far more imposing than permitted. Indeed, the buildings look like a tornado dropped Toronto onto Weston’s heritage.

The developer’s concept drawing of the finished product. Note the size of the storefronts at the base of the structure. Click to enlarge.

The city report says that the proposed building “would result in a bulky, overwhelming presence”, “fails to address the local and planned context” and “is inappropriate for the site”. Staff say the plan should be rejected and redesigned as a “mid-rise building with a 45 degree angular plane provided from the Neighbourhoods, open space and low-rise areas and that particular attention be paid to heritage features”.

It’s not just the architecture. The building will have effects on community space and infrastructure—perhaps for decades. The report says Weston will need:

  • a new elementary school,
  • a new public community centre and
  • a new child care centre

None of these will be built quickly. St John The Evangelist took 5 years just to build—and months were wasted on legal wrangling over a culvert.  A culvert. Could you imagine what it would take to build a school from scratch?

The developers aren’t only asking to draw down Weston. They’re hoping to provide too few common elements for the future owners. They would like to provide less than half the required amenity space and too few parking spaces.

The city has made it clear that residents and representatives  must reject this proposal and demand it be redrawn, from scratch, with the community in mind.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Staff blast Greenland proposal”

  1. Good call.
    I’d reconsider if entire podium is used as a YMCA gym.
    And none of that members plus change room garbage, unless they opt to have steam-room and jacuzzi access for all members (Downtown Vancouver Y has co-ed steam room and jacuzzi located by their pool). I’m not holding my breath.

  2. Bravo!
    (And, hope you’re right, Adam.)

    To: Weston Asset Management

    The upside after a relative disastrous vision, “Madam Developer” is that you and your associates now have an opportunity to properly reconsider your architectural motivations & concept. Perhaps a revision that’s truly reasonable and creative – with a unique design that compliments Weston’s geographic Humber River valley landscape.

    Hope you accept this challenge because you now have a sober second chance to develop more than just high density housing in a community with very deep historical roots.

    And, I really have to believe that your capable architectural team would be up to an award winning opportunity to do so, too.

    Thanks for considering.

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