Staff stiff Frontlines

City of Toronto staff have recommended that Frontlines not get a grant to help youth in the community.

Frontlines has served Weston youth for years. They  applied for $10,000 to teach “skills in basketball and football, be trained in CPR/First Aid, and gain skills in sport therapy. At the end of the project, participants will be better trained to referee games at the local level.”

The staff report will be considered (and approved) by City Council. Your humble correspondent noticed that many organizations say they serve York South-Weston, a priority neighbourhood. Organizations that I’ve never seen on the ground say they serve us.

In better news, Northwood Neighbourhood Services applied for $53,000 and received $43,000—about the same as last year. They are at the Crossroads Plaza.


You can give money to Frontlines directly. They are raising money to send kids from the neighbourhood to summer camp. The camp runs starting July 2, and it’s free for participants. You can call (416) 244-7017, and give online. I did. It costs about $50 to send one kid for one week.

Update 2:

Frontlines is also doing “Leaders in Training” programs at the camp—young people in Grade 7 an up, who might be too old for camp but too young for work are welcome to apply.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. time for politicans to stand up and ask for funding for this vital and one of the only services along with the food bank in our community.

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