Star does not endorse Nunziata

The Toronto Star has endorsed Dory Chalhoub, not Frances Nunziata—although it is clear they seem him only as the better of two bads:

With almost 30 years in local politics, incumbent Frances Nunziata (open Frances Nunziata’s policard) has lingered far past her sell-by date. Painfully ineffective in recent years, she has been one of council’s most complacent Ford followers. Dory Chalhoub, a young entrepreneur, is energetic to the point of being brash. We disagree with some of his policies, such as his support for a casino, but this ward needs a dose of vitality. Chalhoub gets our nod.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

16 thoughts on “Star does not endorse Nunziata”

  1. I agree. Nunziata expired a long time ago and her support for Ford is obvious even though she has tried to create some distance in the past year. I don’t know if Chalhoub is any better but unfortunately this whole election is more about getting rid of the bad than voting for the good.Report

  2. What a horrible endorsement. We all want Frances to go, but Chalhoub has no record, isn’t canvassing, complains without providing any real indication he even understands the issues here.. Our Ward pretty much has no election race!Report

  3. Thumbs up for Dory! Yes he is canvassing I have seen him around the ward all weekend long.. we deserve fresh ideas, and an educated & energetic Councillor like Dory.. Nunziata is useless to us.. I sure hope he wins this!Report

  4. VOTE DORY! Honestly, Nunziata has to go! She has not been effective for decades! Dory definitely understands the issues and you can clearly see that Nunziata is having difficulties staying relevant. Dory is the perfect replacement, he seems like he’ll definitely make a difference!
    Also, I agree w the above comment! Dory has been canvassing for weeks and making much more of an effort to support and reach out to the residents of this Ward!!!Report

  5. Let’s be honest, there are those that support one or the other or are “anti- whomever” as they are referred to. But let’s remember some things: Nunziata has been in power longer than some voters have been alive and at this point has become comfortable and lost her supposed passion for the ward; it’s merely a job now for her. The fact that she is canvassing for her brother (yes, it’s true – she showed up at my cousin’s door!) and not paying much attention to our ward, is very disappointing. It’s pretty much sending the message that Ward 11 doesn’t deserve her attention and doesn’t have a choice. That irritates me, as I DO have a choice. Is Dory inexperienced at Toronto City Hall? Yes. Was Nunziata and many other politicians inexperienced at one point? Yes. So is that really the only deciding factor???

    I have also seen him canvass, attend the events/debates in the ward and his lawn signs are very much present.

    As a resident of Ward 11, I know I DO have a choice and for my current councillor to act like I don’t, is an insult to democracy.Report

  6. I think a fresh eye with new ideas is what we need! Change is not necessarily a bad thing. Is that Dory? I believe so. I’ve also seen Dory canvas and attend the debates. I do agree that the ward needs vitality and someone who cares; someone with passion and drive.Report

  7. I was going to leave the councillor section of my ballot blank — I don’t see how Chalhoub is any better than FN. In fact, he seems completely clueless about local issues, has zero track record here in the community and is as right-wing in some of his views. I opted instead to send FN a message by voting for the other candidate, Jose Garcia. Maybe he’s the dark horse in this race.Report

  8. Adam,
    I understand your concern and know how you feel…
    I don’t expect you or anyone to be ecstatic about supporting a virtual unknown, but we all have our beginnings and our community is in desperate need for change in representation.
    I’m sure you agree, like everyone else I have spoken to, we have lay dormant and ignored for far too long. For someone to run unopposed is a crime to this community and goes against everything democracy stands for. We need someone to at least put a genuine effort into our evolution. It will not happen on its own or on Francis’ watch. God knows she had more time than anyone else.
    It has been so encouraging to see the support I am receiving and the excitement people have on their face about the prospect of an alternative to the status quo. I am honest to say I may not have been able to visit all 64,000 constituents in our ward and I really wish I can, but I’m only one man and a hands-on one. I lead a double life at the moment and have done it all throughout this campaign, from designs to lawn signs, with minimal but much appreciated help and support. I have invested a ton of time canvassing and my own funds for this campaign.
    I am looking to commit to the community by pledging a portion of my councillor salary specifically to kickstart an unprecedented and innovative community development model in ward 11.
    I have an immense and rapidly growing group of supporters and will have likely visited every single person several times by the next election, when I run again, win or lose this time.
    I can assure you that if I am elected, ward 11 will definitely get what it deserves and more. What we need is obvious and not complicated. I have the knowledge and professional experience and my tenacity is only exceeded by my drive and determination. You have never seen representation like me. It has just not happened. I have a vested interest in this community and the energy and will to get things done. I’m not affiliated with anyone nor do I have pledged allegiances to appease. All I have is something to prove and deliver to the community and to myself. I am here for the long run and will have to face re-election in four years if elected. Francis will not. This will likely be her last fruitless go round with no incentive to perform. What happens after she is gone is not her concern. But it will still be our problem, except at that point we will have more than 30 years to recover from.

    For your and everyone’s information, I’m easily accessible and I encourage anyone to contact me directly with any questions or concerns. I answer all my own calls and emails and have been honoured to personally deliver each and every requested lawn sign.

    By the way, thank you for all your efforts on, it is very much appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    Dory ChalhoubReport

  9. Thank you for that thoughtful addition to the comments. Your candidacy will make a difference, and although I cannot support some of your views, I am tempted by your words. Frances says many of the same things but, even with so many opportunities, she has done nothing, although she is the first to protest her achievements. We live with them.Report

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