Starting a new project–can you help?

In my ongoing efforts to become the world’s sexiest man (lots of effort, very ongoing), I’m taking a class on radio documentary production. I’d like to make my documentary about Weston. Can you help?

I’m considering a doc on Weston’s lost industries. Can you help me fill in the blanks?

  • Do you know anyone who used to work at a local industry that might be interested in speaking to me and my microphone?
  • Can you help me with a list of the industries in Weston and Mount Dennis? Moffat, CCM. A little further abroad: Crown Cork and Seal, Maple Leaf. What else?


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

8 thoughts on “Starting a new project–can you help?”

  1. you should get Martin Proctor, he is a long weston resident, he went to WCI and he is a photography with tons of pix of weston…he could help u….also Levy and Facelle and Pepsi use to be in weston plus Dominion Bridge!!

  2. there use to be a wholesale furniture near Moffats. Also Kodak’s at the corner of Weston Road and Eglinton.

  3. You might also look into what used to go on at the site of West Park, although not a commercial business, they have an interesting history of activities on site. West Park does have archives and some artifacts – I took part in a very interesting Jane’s Walk tour there.

  4. Why are people so stuck on the past for Weston…do a documentary about Weston past(whole 5 mins) and focus on how the heck we move forward and revitalize. I recall a number of years ago attending a Weston renewal presentation (can’t recall name of the planner)… was all talk and no action….that’s the real story of Weston…all talk no action.

  5. Pip, pip hooray!
    Got to know the past as well as plan for the future, but even the world’s sexiest man-in-the-making can’t do it all: how about thoughts about what would make our community stronger, safer, more sustainable as an ongoing contribution from readers — we’re all in this together.

  6. Here are some ideas:

    1) Get rid of the old politicians.
    2) Setup resident group to work along side BIA (does it exist?)
    3) Bring the farmers market to Weston Rd.
    4) Brighten up Weston Rd with some actual activities to attract people from the overall community. I am not talking about a sidewalk sale.

  7. Thanks for all the ideas (and my apologies for taking so long to say “thanks”; it’s been mental at work this week).

    Soaring Eagle—you know that nobody thinks that Weston has brighter future than me.

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