STJE not open in time for September

Should have brought more shovels

St John the Evangelist’s new school will not be open in time for September, according to Dave Bennett, the chair of the Parent Council.

The board snuck the news in as point 2 of a letter to the community, which, sandwiched between caissons and culverts, says that “Due to an administrative delay in issuing the conditional building permit, and an unusually wet summer, the schedule completion date have moved to mid-November 2018”.

The students at St John the Evangelist have put up with years—indeed decades—of disruption: a tiny school without enough outside space, many portables, moving to a school in the Junction, moving to a school north of Weston, and now this: a broken promise to have the school opened in time for 2018.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “STJE not open in time for September”

  1. Plain silly it’s taken this long…..thanks Dave for yoir effort….but again poor leadership has led to continued delay

  2. Such a mismanagement when high rises can go up so quickly and sidestep City regulation, say on height.

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