Storm follow-up meeting

Frances Nunziata has announced a flooding follow-up meeting for July 31. Last week’s meeting on the flood was a mess, with much shouting and upset. Nunziata’s office says that there will be some strategies to ensure this doesn’t happen again:

 We have asked residents who were in attendance at the last meeting to send us questions in advance, and we have asked a resident on Cordella Avenue to moderate the meeting.

The meeting will be at Archbishop Romero Catholic Secondary School, 99 Humber Blvd, at 7 pm.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Storm follow-up meeting”

  1. What about an apology for Nunziata’s behaviour? Could her office submit in advance and assurance to residents that they will not be humiliated and walked out on by the person who has called the meeting?

    How about popcorn for the people who have to spend another evening, and waiting again for our representative to give needed information?

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