Street crime roundup for the week

Starting this week, I’ll report any street crime in a single post rather than in a series. If there was no crime, I’ll report that too.


There was no street crime this week!

Indeed, 12 Division police had the best kind of news: they arrested several suspects just outside of Weston–just where I quite like them to find the bad guys.

Two arrested for gun offenses

On Friday, August 24, 2012, officers from the Gun and Gang Task Force executed a search warrant at a home on Via Torre Drive, just south and east of Dennison.  They entered the home when three people drove away in a car.

Inside the car, they found what they say is a .25 calibre handgun. Lenworth Peck, 30, and Shoron Kabir, 26, both of Toronto, face many charges for its possession.

Interestingly, the ‘gun’ they seized not a real gun but a replica. Replica guns, as you might imagine, look very real, but do not fire bullets. The pistol they seized was made by Denix, a manufacturer of replicas, and the suspects were not charged with any ammunition offences, nor was any mention of ammunition made in the press release.

Replica guns can be bought on the internet and, shockingly, at the Downsview farmer’s market every weekend.

Replica handgun

In a bit of older news

On Wednesday, August 15 at midnight, the Toronto Drug Squad executed a search warrant at an apartment building at 1855 Jane Street.

They found a large quantity of crack cocaine–more than 9 ounces–as well as 50 rounds of pistol ammunition. (They did not find a pistol).

Ian Phillip, 33, Shawn Williams, 34, Martin Tinglin, 27, Nicholas Simms, 19, Nikishua Ashton, 29–all of Toronto–and Matthew Joseph, 27, of Missisauga, face a large number of charges.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.