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Do you prefer your news delivered? I don’t have a paper route, but I will send you an email copy every week of the goings-on in Weston. I promise that I won’t send you anything other than WestonWeb Weekly. My name and address are all over this site, so you know I’ll stand by what I say.

6 thoughts on “Subscribe to the newsletter”

  1. Moving to the Weston and Pelmo part area this coming July, and look forward to learning all about this community! Thanks, ana

  2. Found this interesting site by accident today. Glad to read such positive comments about Weston. It is not the same as it used to be but still a great town. I had a paper route but further south in Mt. Dennis. But that was in about 1950, when Mt. Dennis and Weston were thriving little communiites. Howard

  3. Hooray for WestonWeb: nothing like it anywhere, and you’ll love it and the articles.

    Congratulations on another banner year, WW!

  4. Grew up in Weston and thanks to your newsletter, I enjoy updates from the village/town I left in 1969 but still think of as home.

  5. I appreciate the sharing of information, in particular the pool as i only heard of it word of mouth but found more info here. gracias.

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