Subsequent subterranean stunner

Your humble correspondent somehow missed a big, beautiful story. Though we covered one section of the Pan Am Path mural, somehow an equally wonderful section missed my attention. Just a little further up the path, past the break and under the 401, the Essencia Art Collective created an amazing mural of trippy, gritty art over 8 days in May.

I offer this as compensation for my failures: I found out that this is also the group that made the fantastic aquatic mural as you pull off Black Creek Drive onto Jane.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Subsequent subterranean stunner”

  1. I bet Trudeau went to the private school because there is no way on earth to get a political event permit in a public school, even if you can navigate the labrynth!

    Last YSW debate was at Memo because Weston Collegiate delayed us for months! And normally we don’t even try, just use Council Chambers or Legion Hall

  2. I rode past this mural on my way home from work last week and was taken aback! It’s been two years since I last rode the north Humber Trail (darn babies, eh?) and last I rode under the 401 there was still hording up for construction and it was dark and dusty and (kinda) scary. I was very pleasently surprised to not only find the construction done but to find this beautiful mural in its spot! Thanks for posting (linking) the pics!

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