Sullivan blasts Hussen

On the one-year anniversary of the 2015 federal election, former York South Weston MP spared no mercy for his successor, Liberal MP  Ahmed Hussen. In a Facebook post Sullivan laments that Hussen has failed to send out ‘a single piece of email out to those who used to be my constituents’.

He also has some kind words for his supporters who may yet be called upon in the next election.

Read the full posting below.

A year ago today, I was in the process of being fired from my job. I was swept out in a wave of adulation for Dubya Trudeau.
I loved my job, but if you can’t afford to lose, you shouldn’t be in politics.

I want to thank, once again all of those who tried to convince people to let me keep my job, and the man who first convinced me to try, Paul Ferreira.

It was a great job, one where every day you can help individuals, and at the same time have an impact on where the whole country is going. And I couldn’t have done it without Ornella, Paul, Faisal, Deb, Alex and a host of volunteers and interns.

The new guy has yet to send a single piece of mail out to those who used to be my constituents. No one knows where he or the Liberals stand on their many promises, most of which they have yet to even consider doing: Aboriginal Education, C-51 (Privacy), C-38 (Environment), Subsidies to Big Oil, Regugee deportations and their health care.

And we have learned where they really stand on arms sales to human rights abusers (they did it), Climate change targets (same as Harper), Pipelines and Natural Gas projects (in favour), putting Bovine Growth Hormones in our children’s milk (TPP in favour), and Improving and protecting our health care system (same as Harper).

But the adulation continues. Elections shouldn’t be won on who is the cutest, but…

6 thoughts on “Sullivan blasts Hussen”

  1. Riding the wave of Liberal not-Harperism, our new MP has been invisible, except for his photo op with Erdogan.
    We deserve better.

  2. Wah Wah Wah!!! Mikes facebook post actually shows how low of an opinion he has of the voters if he thinks that people voted for Trudeau because of his looks. They voted for Trudeau because he was the only leader to articulate peoples hopes and aspirations for a better Canada. Instead of the dark lords Harper and Mulcair and both of their party machines who tried to belittle and make fun of Trudeau as being too young, a light weight, or not “smart enough”. How many of those average voters have faced that type of catcalling in their life whether it is going for a job interview, in the workplace being denied a promotion, or being bullied in the school yard. Sorry, but both the NDP and Conservatives got what they deserved. Trudeau ran his campaign straight out of the Obama playbook. And guess what – he will be here for the next ten years.

    1. Trudeau ran a good campaign, but his campaign promises are gone, reversed, as Mike Sullivan points out. Hardly whining to point out fact, and another fact is our own MP is invisible and inactive.
      We deserve and need active representation.

  3. Unfortunately Trudeau will be around for a while and we in Weston will be stuck with another do nothing liberal politician. Mike may I suggest that you and your fellow NDPers stop wasting your money and time. I know I wont be giving another donation to the federal NDP for a long time.

  4. I received a newsletter from Hussen. Mostly pictures and little text. Pretty pathetic but not surprised by our non-existent MP.

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