Sullivan blue-skies a plan for hospital site

Mike Sullivan released his ideas for the Humber River Hospital Church Street campus on Friday. He says that the building should become a seniors’ long-term residence.

As the hospital moves to its new location, they had planned to sell the building and land to to the highest bidder. That plan hit a small bump when it was discovered that part of the site had been deeded by an old Weston family for hospital use only. While likely not a deal-breaker, the parcel of land is, reportedly, in the middle of the hospital, and undoing the deed will take time.

Using the land as a long-term care facility would, Sullivan says, “fit with the original intent of these lands, [and be] consistent with its original purpose”.

His press release also says that hospital to long-term care conversions have been done before in other cities.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

11 thoughts on “Sullivan blue-skies a plan for hospital site”

  1. Good idea. Sign me up, as long it’s not allowed to be a death-trap like the “facility” at Rosemount and King.

  2. Keep dreaming….nunziata and Laura will make sure they get housing development so they can get money for more artwork like in mount Dennis. Mike Sullivan has no power.

  3. The question is, is a senior residence the best use for the land? What about variable income coop? It would provide affordable housing the area needs without the stigma of low cost housing. Mike should talk to Olivia Chow, she and Jack lived in a very successful multiple income coop.

  4. lol… so Sullivan basically just said the same thing that residents said at the public meeting I attended and then said it was his idea? That’s great.

    To the commenter who said he has no power in this, you’re right. At this point, only the city does (rezoning) as far as I understood.

    I’m surprised that the public meeting isn’t mentioned in this post since that is where we discovered that the land couldn’t be sold and also where the councillors both said that the land won’t be rezoned for housing. Weird…

  5. You funny Sarah…..the land can be rezoned for housing…..who ever pays the big bucks can go to the OMB….done.
    Just like those townhouses built on Oak, just like the townhouses that will be built on the old beer site and Satin Finish.
    Sigh….the good people of Weston continue on with their eyes covered.

  6. I strongly agree that the best, most community-oriented and humane proposal for the old Humber Hospital site would be to not only honour the spirit of the old Weston family’s deeded portion but also dedicate the rest of the site for a similar altruistic purpose. I hope the bureaucrats and developers do the right thing and not try to brow beat us with their all too familiar legal shenanigans. In other words, the site should be used in some form of health care capacity: be it as a senior’s residence, a nursing school and/or residence, a recreation centre for all, or other local community health cause. In sharp contrast, jamming yet another residential development into our already highly-congested community is definitely not the way to go. Why put more stress on our already over-strained local road networks, inadequate transit system, deteriorating infrastructures, etc.? What we really need are stress-relieving enhancements to healthy living such as easily accessible local recreational spaces for kids and seniors. So why not transform part of the Humber site into a much needed foot accessible parkette and playground in the Church-Maple-Jane Streets area? This small green space would offer a welcome escape and contrast to the very busy traffic zone nearby. I don’t know about you, but that translates into good therapy not only for our aging population but also for our young families as well – at least in my health book!
    Every neighbourhood, in all fairness and conscience, should do that good charitable deed of accommodating its equal share of affordable housing. Our historic Weston community has been quite exemplary in accepting much more than its fair share of such humane living spaces and we’ve already lost most of our former business and commercial tax base. Furthermore, whereas other communities tend to have a more stratified and monochromatic nature, we must surely rank as one of he most diverse communities in Canada not just culturally, but also economically, architecturally, historically, developmentally, socially, etc. In fact, we’ll patiently wait as we challenge other communities to catch up and finally match us in this noble capacity and endeavour. Thus, if the bureaucrats and developers want so very badly to bless us again with some form of residential project, may I humbly suggest that, out of good conscience, they walk the talk and do the honourable thing of sticking their clever development schemes very close to where they live with their very fine families? Like us, they will get so much out of it and it will be so good for them too. We guarantee it!

  7. so just like he did with the Chaminade Safe Schools committee Cell Phone idea thought of by the community, Mike has again repackaged the community’s idea as his own and all the orange-crushers of Weston will swallow it whole. I wish he would stick to shovelling walks instead of the other thing he’s so great at shovelling.

  8. Igor, thank you for that thoughtful and thought-provoking response.
    We need a community centre, green space and accommodation for seniors and affordable housing. Let’s act together to secure these community assets, and let focus on what can best be accomplished with the space.
    Thanks for the reminder of what can be done.

  9. Eric is being whiny again. Upset that a politician is actually listening to the community. When is the last time Nunziata did that?

  10. Wow Westonian….green space???? you got tonnes of it in Weston and you even got the Humber River right next to Weston Rd.
    Again with this damn community centre….there is one at The Elms, one at Pelmo, pool at Weston CI, Weston Lions Park, new community centre going up at Black Creek and Eglinton, new community centre going up off Weston Rd near the new St.Basils…..give your head a shake.

  11. Whiny? You’re an idiot. Sullivan has accomplished NOTHING in his time in office but talk talk talk, and is desperately trying to lay claim to anything before the election. He will be crushed just like Ferreira…is P short for Paul? Lolololol.

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