Sullivan moves to block phone loophole.

According to a Canadian Press article in the Toronto Star, Mike Sullivan has proposed legislation that will make it illegal to tamper with the serial number of a mobile phone. The legislation targets criminals who receive large numbers of stolen phones and alter them (your average petty thief wouldn’t have a clue).

If your phone has been stolen, your provider can de-activate it because they know the serial number. Whether they would or not has been a whole other story. The serial number is written inside the phone’s memory at the factory and it can be changed by thieves with the right software and then presented to a provider as a legitimate phone. Apparently reports are surfacing of duplicate phone numbers courtesy of thieves changing serial numbers and re-selling the equipment. HubPages has a rundown of this and some the other issues involved.

This is a private member’s bill and as such must be supported by MPs from other parties in order to achieve a majority and become law. Quite often the majority party will vote against private member’s bills unless there is widespread public support. Whatever the outcome, it’s nice to see a York South-Weston politician moving forward with legislation that will make our streets safer. Well done Mr. Sullivan!

9 thoughts on “Sullivan moves to block phone loophole.”

  1. This would be definitely a step forward, and should get support from all sides, especially since the targets of cellphone theft are so often schoolchildren.

  2. I see he’s still taking credit for the community’s work. Enough with the delusional posts kissing his butt already.

  3. You okay danny? Mike Sullivan is simply proposing legislation. No where does he state he is looking for credit etc……You might have him confused for Nunziata and Albanese….see most recent post about Albanese and the ARL “electrification”, or what about all the good stuff Nunziata has done while in power for 20 years!!!???? WAKE UP!

  4. Hey Danny. Are you related to Nunziata or something? Our MP is doing something constructive. He’s even suggested — asked! — the Harper government to take his bill as their own if that means getting it through Parliament faster. I also note that he has always mentioned the community’s efforts on this file, especially the kids at Chaminade College who were the driving force behind a national stolen cell phone database.

  5. Ohhhh, I must be related to Nunziata to call Sullivan on all his blathering in the house with no local investment to back it up. Give me a break and let people have their own opinion. I am fully aware of his limited ability to effect change in our neighbourhood.

  6. Danny….Mike has been in power how long compared to Nunziata and Laura???? List what Nunziata has done….after 20 years….I dare you to make a list.

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