Sullivan picks up the slack left by the city.

Mike Sullivan says he went to his councillor for help; got nowhere and ended up doing the job himself.

After the latest storm to hit York South-Weston, a political one may be brewing. While out canvassing on march 14, Sullivan observed that the only working sidewalk under the Lawrence Avenue rail bridge was in a dangerous condition. Federal Member of Parliament Mike Sullivan is the opposition deputy critic for persons with disabilities and thought that even with the stretched resources of the city, after two days, something should have been done. According to Sullivan, he left a message with his councillor Frances Nunziata and after waiting a few hours with no action, Sullivan and his assistant Branden Valente did the job themselves. Sullivan described the process in the video below and is openly critical of the level of service given to York South-Weston which is a Priority Neighbourhood. While there’s no love lost between the two representatives, Sullivan’s action will resonate with those who feel that York South-Weston has been neglected for years.

9 thoughts on “Sullivan picks up the slack left by the city.”

  1. What a joke. I wouldn’t be surprised if WestonWeb made the video.
    Hey Mike, here’s an idea – as our FEDERAL representative stick to FEDERAL issues.
    Does no one else see how our MP keeps insulting our intelligence by trying to suggest that we are underserved. All we hear from him is how poor this neighbourhood is and how we always get the short end of the stick, so to speak. If our own MP is putting us in such a negative light, no wonder we can’t get any decent developments or more great businesses in the area – why would anyone want to come here if the people here keep putting the area down? Just a thought….
    P.S. If someone from Mike’s office is reading, let me know if he does grass-cutting too. The spring/summer months are very busy for me at work – Mike obviously has time to spare – I can use him for my lawn.

  2. After living in Weston for about 15 years now I think it is hard to avoid the truth. Weston has been underserved – it is a fact. Government has failed to make an investment in our priority neighbourhoods and that is the reason why businesses turn away from opening up in our community. Why have a café restaurant that you would find on College St. sandwiched between two Payday loan businesses? Why open a business where public transit is inadequate? If people can’t get to where they want to go in a timely fashion, why go? Perhaps you don’t take the TTC but I do. Finally, why would a business want to open on a street where the sidewalks are not cleared of ice and snow? Perhaps there are no businesses with invested interests to call the councillor to send crews to deal with the issue, so it is left to our MP.

    Our elected officials are there to represent those who live in their district. It is refreshing to have someone calling it how it is; after all it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. Their duty to us as Canadians does not end with their jurisdictions. Of course they cannot do the job of others, but they certainly can get the ball rolling.

    As for your grass, call Rob Ford.

  3. LOLLLLL! You guys got to be kidding me with your long essays.

    But seriously, is the MP joking? Did he plan it….why would you ever record your message to a Councillor?!? Who has time for that? You know what’s the best part, when he throws ice onto the road and it almost hit a car HAHAHAHAH. Isn’t that illegal? Tsk tsk Mr. Sullivan….you’re violating the law by doing that…I got a notice for that and you should too! You’re not above the law LOL.

    With Love,
    Weston Royalty

  4. We all live and sleep in our local neighbourhoods….MP’s included. Therefore local issues affect everybody…which includes all levels of MP’s. Mike Sullivan not only lives here in Weston, but has an office just around the corner from that dangerous slippery sidewalk. So what is there not to understand about this local issue, Carson and Weston Royalty?

    The city by-law directs all home owners to clear their sidewalk of snow and ice within 12 hours after a snow fall. So why would it take so many days of neglect in clearing a public walk that is clearly and legally within the city’s own jurisdiction, especially in such a needy and dangerous situation? Do you still not get it?

    And speaking about sticking your nose where it’s not wanted nor needed: Why would Ms. Nunziata go out or her way to chair and control a provincial meeting hosted by Metrolinx and Ms. Albanese? This is clearly way out of Ms. Nunziata’s jurisdiction. Instead, why is she not cleaning up our local municipal messes?

    For example, have you driven around the humongous pot holes on King near George and Rosemount? Why are the pot holes not being filled and why do we always have to keep calling 311 to try and get things looked after in Weston? Where is Ms. Nunziata when she’s needed? Maybe she’s chairing another provincial meeting! We get a much better response from Mike Sullivan’s office on ALL levels of government issues!

    A message to you petty critics: Are your needs for mudslinging so ingrained that you will abandon all thoughts of care and compassion and, instead, shamelessly scrape the bottom of the barrel of blatant disregard for public safety? Please try your best to separate political neglect from political care and concern. For this, we owe Mike Sullivan our gratitude and highest respect. Great job! Thanks Mike!

  5. LOL I’m not even gonna lie…I didn’t read your essay mrs.t… Sorry (don’t be mad)

    The thing is I liked Mr. Sullivan. I voted for him. I like his team…I like paul. I even like their student, Ornelia… But when he does this kinda stuff…it’s just tacky and we residents know what this is all about. C’mon is it really for us?

    Oh yea, mrs. T… Where do u live in Weston? Lemme know…I’ll drop off some cream for ya… I’m sure you got hand cramps for writing tht essay LOL.

    With Love,
    Weston Royalty

  6. Its unfortunate that Mike has to do the councillors job. He has already had to do Laura’s job as it relates to the train. Mike is by far the best politician out of the three of them…….but again he is a politican. I do commend him for at least doing something that probably impacts the most vulnerable in Weston….but typical Weston residents can’t recognize good work.

    Pot holes…OMG have you seen the ones on John st north of Rosemount?? Has no one called the city?

  7. Weston royalty, drop the crayon, stop eating the paste, learn how to spell, and look up the meaning of the word essay.

  8. All Mike does is pull focus from the fact that he has accomplished NOTHING to get investment in the riding while all the other changes and developments come to pass. He does have time on his hands because all he does is try and meddle in municipal and provincial politics. Snow isn’t all this guy shovels. He even tries to take credit for all the work Chaminade and their students did on the cellphone issue with the community by swooping in late to present their ideas as his own. He is a joke, all smoke and mirrors and all his acolytes are dupes.

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