Sullivan sends some updates about effects of trains

Mike Sullivan’s office forwarded me some emails he had sent to the senior executives of GO Transit and Metrolinx.

Your humble correspondent hadn’t noticed, but King Street has been closed for a really long time—and it is now slated to be closed for a year longer than had been anticipated, according to Sullivan. He says,

Today I received notification from Metrolinx that the closure of King Street will continue until an amorphous ‘Fall’ of 2013. One full year longer than promised, and 18 months since it was closed. The reason for the closure was to permit a huge tunnel boring machine to be used to dig a sewer. The machine has only just arrived, 10 months after the road was closed. I understand the delays were due to poor location of utilities, and poor or unlucky watermain replacement…. This is completely unacceptable, but it is typical of the shoddy treatment we have received from those responsible, as firm committments are not worth the paper they are printed on.


In another letter, he says:

What is of grave concern to me, and should be to Metrolinx, is the effect this extended closure is having on local businesses, in particular those just north of King Street. One has recently closed its doors. Another advises they are perilously close to failing.

Sullivan asks, rhetorically, I presume, whether Metrolinx will providing financial assistance to the failing businesses.

Your correspondent has noticed that it is nearly impossible to get to the library—am I mistaken, or does the entrance routinely get blocked off in a new way? I scaled two fences last week before giving up. Have you, gentle reader, been visiting our village less as a result of the disruption?


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “Sullivan sends some updates about effects of trains”

  1. Is King at Weston or King at the railway going to continue to be closed?

    My wife walks to the library with two small children 2-3 times a week and the detour via John or Church adds 10 minutes to the trip. She was looking forward to having King open at the railway, but if its going to be another six months that’s really annoying.

  2. All the same, our infrastructure BENEATH the road is getting a tune up and in an area as old as ours, that’s really important. And I don’t think that one road closure is having the suggested effect on some of these business, IMHO.

  3. There’s the school, where every day small children and their parents walk through a mess of construction from Weston Rd, and for several weeks only had the Shoppers parking lot to wend their way through to get to King St from Weston. And the library is completely isolated, now with a walkway but that was only put in place a week ago.

    Business has to be affected not just because of the closure of King but because of the impossibility of moving around in the neighbourhood: Weston Rd is so congested that I think we are at risk from car fumes long before we get the trains. The nigh rises on Hickory Tree Lane, and along Weston Rd at Lawrence and up Weston Rd are all full of people who walk their children to school, who wait for buses to go to work and the area is becoming infamous for congestion.

    New infrastructure is long overdue and welcome, but next time you go up Weston Rd, check out the asphalt walkway provided for pedestrians — people in motorized wheelchairs, people with small children and strollers. This is a heavily used pedestrian route and pedestrians are being treated badly and have been since the beginning of this project.

  4. I haven’t visited the library in weeks..yes cause of the mess on King. I just drive down to Richview near Lawrence. The constant noise of the drilling was just too loud.. Sometimes I wonder how the kids in the school stand it. The argument some people make like “short term pain for long term gain” don’t work here. Cause remember what they building is premium commuter rail service. Most of people affected in Weston can’t afford to use it.

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