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Politics is a bit of a balancing act between public service and loyalty to your party. The taxpayer subsidizes the public service part and the party is supposed to take care of things like canvassing, advertising and fundraising. On the one hand, MPs receive government money in order to hire assistants and run their offices. This money also includes provisions for communicating with constituents on the work that they are doing. On the other, MPs are supposed to draw a firm line between partisan spending on things like canvassing and advertising (which should be paid for by the party) and helping constituents who come to them with a problem.

Some aspects of political spending are easy to categorize. For example, election signage and campaign leaflets should always be paid for by the party. The line gets thin when a party uses tax money to promote itself. For example, MP’s newsletters not only report to constituents but often paint the member in an unduly flattering light. The recent string of federal government TV commercials seem to be telling Canadians that the Federal Government is working hard for you and, by the way, it’s led by a wonderful, God fearing, military-worshipping Prime Minister and his talented Cabinet. In fine Canadian tradition, the Liberals did exactly the same when they were in office – not to mention AdScam.

In this grey and murky world, the NDP has been found guilty of spending tax money on partisan activities by the seven-member Board of Internal Economy, a parliamentary committee (controlled by the Conservatives) that has deemed the pooling of MPs money allocations (sent to create satellite offices in Quebec City and Montreal) to be partisan spending. The committee has presented the NDP with a $2.7 million bill that needs to be paid. While the Party is appealing the order to the courts, the NDP Caucus must cough up the money a.s.a.p. Naturally, Quebec MPs will be paying the lion’s share while most outside Quebec, like our own Mike Sullivan are being billed $1288.

Sullivan claimed to WestonWeb that the BOIE is an, ‘Ever-secret kangaroo court’ and that the truth, ‘Will be brought out into the open when we are in government. We followed all the rules. No partisan work was done.’ Whether or not the NDP is guilty, it is a moral and financial blow in an election year, and an expensive one for some Quebec MPs

In the meantime, those thinly disguised Government of Canada / Conservative Party commercials continue to help us understand what the government is doing for us annoy – and all paid for by the taxpayer. But that’s ok because the government is in charge and they would never lie to us would they?

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  1. Sorry. Does not pass the smell test. An MP’s expense account should not be used in another riding (or Province for that matter). This is taxpayer money intended to be spent in the constituency, in this case York South Weston. Bad judgement on Mikes part. He should have said no.

  2. Wow. Just wow. From the first post today to this one, it seems that this IS the Mike Sullivan blog. Why don’t you post the NDP logo on the top corner with a link to his website? Seriously, is he funding you or is the NDP party? It is quite clear from all the “newsletters” that good ol’ Mike sends out for FREE since he is an MP with the NDP logo on it that he CLEARLY misuses OUR TAX MONEY and I am sick of your ass kissing and defending him all the time. He is NOT GOD. He has DONE NOTHING. And when he LOSES in the next election, I will not be the only one saying GOOD RIDDANCE.

    His “1st” annual skating party during an election year is all I know that he’s done other then complain about increased transit in the area and shitting on other people…what a big orange joke.

    We need someone who will LISTEN to our concerns AND be ABLE to DO something about it. We DON’T need to be paying someone over 100k per year to sympathize with us and then say BUT I can’t do anything because I’m in opposition wahhhh wahhhhh but I can send you an expensive newsletter every month or two weeks with my party logo on it telling you how great I am that you paid for so that you can re-elect me so that I can keep my kushy job which involves 3 things: fake sympathizing, complaining, and spending our tax money.

    Maybe I’ll run for the NDP next time since it’s much easier to do that then to run for a party that actually has a chance forming government and running it.


    1. Instead of attacking the authors of this blog/news site, who I remind you write for free, maybe you should start your own website.

      Maybe you can call it “Anyone but Mike” or “I am voting Liberal” or better yet “YSW should accept what it gets without critique”.

      That said, one of Roy’s recent posts was titled “Big Red Wave’s a Coming – Part Deux” so please stop it..

    2. Hi Sarah. Thank you for your comment. I assure you that nobody funds the site (except for me). Any money we make goes completely, 100%, to Natalie, our student writer. The ongoing expenses are paid for by me out of my teaching salary.

      I’m sorry that you don’t like the tenor of my posts. I have thought long about this. My feeling is that most news fails to, among other things, report small news, and report good news. You hardly ever read about a politician doing a good job. That’s not because they hardly ever do one, though. It’s because the news convention is that good work is not news worthy.

      I am not constrained by paper or dollars. I can report on what I want. Good news? Sure. Small news? Sure. Non news? That too. Policy? Can do.

      Sullivan had a good week. I’m glad to report on that, as I am glad to report on any good politics. Nunziata is conservative, Albanese liberal, Sulluvan NDP. They all get space here, for good and bad.

      If you feel like I am not doing a good job, I encourage you, and everyone, to write for Weston. You too can have space here if you are willing to write non-partisan articles under your real name. Drop me a line.

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