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InsideToronto has two good articles worth your attention. The first is about the extra love that YSW has been getting from the provincial leadership contenders. Andrea Horwath made a stop in town last night, and Kathleen Wynne stopped by last week.

The follow-up is an interview with the candidates: Laura Albanese, Paul Ferreira, and Andrew Ffrench.

The riding of York South-Weston has been represented provincially by the Liberal party since October 2007, when current MPP Laura Albanese secured the riding in a narrow victory over Paul Ferreira of the NDP. Ferreira, who is running against Albanese for the fourth time, had defeated Albanese in a byelection earlier in 2007. Andrew Ffrench is running for the Progressive Conservatives.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. This is a 2 horse race between the liberals and the ndp. Non-existent P.C ground game. Have not seen any signs. My prediction is this riding will go liberal again. NDP campaign does not seem to be connecting province wide despite Horvath seeming like she is genuinely likeable. Problem is that she is facing is that Wynne is doing better in the likeability department. I also think the far right PC platform this time around will cause many soft votes on the left to go/stay liberal. Hudak has actually helped Wynne and hurt Horvath in my opinion.

  2. Her last name is spelt Horwath, not Horvath. And if you think people “like” Wynne more than Horwath, it’s because you’re stuck in the bubble that most call Toronto.

  3. My apologies on the spelling. I spell it like it sounds, but then again, spelling was never my strong point. Im simply basing my comments on the polling Ive heard. Lib’s are at 40 plus percent in Toronto. Why is it people in Toronto live in what you call a “bubble”?

  4. I really have to explain the Toronto bubble? Toronto isn’t the political compass of Ontario. If there are a few ridings in the downtown core that dislike Andrea, so be it. That isn’t the be all, end all. 72% of Ontarians want change (if you believe polls) and Andrea is polling the highest in terms of like-ability compared to the rest of the pack.

    I’m sure if you ask Ontarians (outside of downtown Toronto), they’ll tell you that they’re tired of the Liberals.

  5. Yea but NDP is forgetting about the grassroots. That is the problem. Todays Star was brutal on Horwath. 4 pages critical of the Ontario NDP and her leadership. Check this article too.

    I’ve been an NDP supporter primarily since Jack Layton’s leadership and I have to agree with some of the commentary about the Ontario NDP that I have read. The Ontario Pension plan proposal is something that would really help me out 15 years down the road when I retire. I have no public or private pension. I think I will be supporting Wynne this election.

  6. Okay…wow…The Liberal Star bashing NDP…surprised? The proposed pension plan is an NDP idea, and would actually hurt a lot of business (good idea, but the economy is very fragile….)….the focus should be getting rid of the lying liberals, build transit and promote a business environment ( and no not hudaks cut to big business corporate taxes)…..sad people are still willing to support the lying liberals….at least pick either the ndp or cons……

  7. Oy. The logic to vote for Wynne because she introduced a Pension Plan that the NDP has been pushing, while giving her a reprieve on all the scandals that have followed the Liberals around for the last 10 years is absolutely amazing.

  8. Then why is the NDP not pushing pensions in their platform? They are now taking the position that negotiations on CPP should be with Harper and work with him. WTF? Thats why an open letter was written to Horwath by respected progressives in the party attacking her for her loss in principle on this issue (among otrher things). Sorry, it may have been an NDP idea, but it seems the only chance it has is if the Liberals are re-elected. The NDP has lost its way provincially.

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