Support for Mt Dennis green power plant

Frances Nunziata and Laura Albanese are pushing a green power plant at the Kodak Lands, to be used as a backup power plant for the Eglinton LRT.

Nunziata seconded a motion approved in City Council today that asks the city to look into alternative energy for the station.

Laura Albanese wrote an open letter to the Ministers of Transportation, and Environment and Climate Change asking them to “explore the feasibility of integrated alternative energy components for this project” because residents are concerned about “potential air pollution as a result of CO2 emissions from harmful NOX and particulate matter due to this proposed Backup Power Facility.”

Your correspondent would note that the science here is not quite so. Carbon dioxide comes neither from NOx nor from particulate matter—all three are products of combustion and that CO2 is a quite different kind of pollutant from the others, which are themselves uncommon concerns in a part-time, well-engineered generator. Still, he supposes the fine weave of nobler feelings should not be snagged on petty barbs.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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