Survey on Lawrence underpass art

The city would like your input into the art that should be painted on the Lawrence Avenue underpass. Clearly, however, you should vote for Alexander Lazich, whose bird-themed mural is really something.

Alexander Lazich

I say that in jest, of course. Most of proposed murals, which will be painted in 2019, are really something.

I’m not partial to Christiano De Araujo’s proposal this time, though I do quite like “The Windows of Time” on Perfect Blend.

Christiano De Araujo

A Shop’s work will have local themes emerging from the bold geometric background.

A Shop

Regular readers will know that I love to bike, and I should love Charlie Johnston’s series. But I have a pet peeve: I hate it when artists don’t know bikes. Johnston’s mural has the gears (bottom) all wrong. The front cog is on backwards–the large chainring should be most visible not least visible.

Charlie Johnston

Jill Stanton’s art is, I think, the most interesting. Rather than a collage, she proposes a comic strip. I love it.

Jill Stanton


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Survey on Lawrence underpass art”

  1. I’m really confused by the assumptions you seem to be making regarding Charlie Johnston (whom I do not know).

    What you perceive as “all wrong” could just as easily be intentional and integral to what he is trying to convey through the mural. I could be wrong, but I expect it is not coincidental that the next image is a cyclist riding up stairs, which by no means is an organic or natural mechanical feat. Also worth noting that the chain is not actually operational on the inversed crankset, and appears to have fallen between the middle and smallest chainring.

    Where you see error, I see social commentary.
    Given the location of the underpass, and the terribly unsafe conditions of the road (both there and further east), I think non realistic drivetrain and riding depictions are rather apt.

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