Swanek Park Meeting

It has been about a year since the Pelmo/Swanek community members were abuzz with talk about the proposal to relocate St. John the Evangelist Catholic School to Swanek Park. This would have resulted in many of the residents surrounding the park losing their homes. Since then, things have been very quiet around the park. The playground remains in desperate need of a facelift.

Today, the Pelmo Swanek Community Association (PSCA) announced that Councillor Nunziata will be hosting a Community Meeting to discuss proposed upgrades and improvements to the park. City staff will be in attendance to gather community feedback and discuss the plans.

Date: Thursday, June 23, 2011
Time: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Location: Pelmo Park Community Centre, 171 Pellatt Avenue

For further information, please contact Councillor Nunziata’s office:

416.392.4091 or [email protected]

Hope to see you there!

7 thoughts on “Swanek Park Meeting”

  1. Swanek Park? that used to be Gary Park..Anyway Gary Park & Elm Park are just shadows of their former self As a kid in 80s.. these parks was happening places, Elm had the splash pad, skating pond in the winter, Gary had baseball games I would attend with my friends. I was disappointed when they Elm lost the splash pod, first they didn’t turn it on for years then they got rid of it.

    What this park doesn’t need is anymore bigger kiddie playground. Get rid of the ball park, put splash pad, especially since summers are going to hotter. Maybe skating pond in winter. The problem the city doesn’t have will to look after parks anymore so they just re-do the kiddie playground leave as is like they did to Elm Park.

  2. Mel, you are right, thing sure have changed over the years. Remember when Grattan Park also had a splash pad?

    From what I understand, one of the ideas for improvement to Swanek Park was to put in a splash pad. In addition, there was talk of a walking trail and soccer field.

    The baseball diamond is still used once a week by a softball league and it gets casual use by many area residents.

    If you stop by and check out the playground, you will see that the equipments is very old and in some cases dangerous. I am constantly calling the city because big chunks of concrete are exposed near the swings (tripping hazard), the silver slide looks like it is about to fall over and the wooden play structure is just one giant sliver waiting to happen!

    Hopefully you will be able to attend the meeting and offer your input to city staff.

  3. I don’t have kids so I don’t go to the parks that much these days. I just walk by Swanek sometimes..seems empty every-time I go. Anyway I hope you get at least a new playground from Frances..I just don’t think city doesn’t take take care of our parks like before. I just hate the way they ruined Elm Park.

  4. Just what we need…more playgrounds. Splash pads, gardens, fountains, benches….something different would go a long way. We have enough playgrounds, many which sit unused.

  5. Though the new play structures are nice at Elm I do miss the splash pad, the ice rink (which was maintained in it’s final years by a Weston Family) and the Parks and Rec hut that went in every summer where they had free (yes free) activities for kids in the summer (mostly crafts etc).

  6. Obviously the new kiddie playground at Elm is an improvement, (especially getting rid of the sand), I think getting rid of the splash pad was wrong. I like John’s comment above. Just playgrounds are low maintenance and cheap for the city. Heck the grass has to turn into weeds to get the city to cut the grass! ( I had to email a pic to Ford to get them to cut the grass there!finally!)Anyway Swanek Park has enough room for more than kiddie playground like a splash pad, lets see what we can get out of Frances for improvements for that park.

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